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Another change inside this law is that the fines are not as expensive as before. For example, a tourist that had overstayed their visa previously was required to pay a fine of $800 and if a permanent residence stayed outside of the country for more than 180 days each year, within the first two years of their visa, they were required to pay a fine of $1600. The agreed upon fines now, for both temporary or permanent residence visa holders, are equal to 50% of the unified basic salary of Ecuador.

Article 170. - Immigration offenses and sanctions. - The following are migration offenses:

Persons who carry out activities not allowed in the visa or migration category granted by the law, will be subject to a fine equal to a unified basic salary. In the case of recurring violations, immigration visas will be canceled and a new immigration visa cannot be requested for up to two years.

Foreigners who entered the country as tourists with an authorized stay of ninety (90) days and exceed that time without requesting an extensión, or those foreigners who requested an extension and have exceeded one hundred and eighty (180) days, will not be allowed to enter the country for a period of one year from the date of their departure from Ecuador.

This can be remedied by paying a fine equal to the unified basic salary of the worker in general or obtaining the respective consular visa.

Permanent residents who are absent more than one hundred and eighty days within the year beginning from the date of issue of the visa will be subject to a fine of fifty percent of a unified basic salary of the worker in general.

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