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Let us handle the Real Estate hassle


Here at EcuaAssist we offer services for each and every step of the process of buying or renting a property in Ecuador. Let us help you with one of the steps, or come join us for the whole ride. Please take a look at our services listed below.

A full and comprehensive reserach over the property to purchase in Ecuador
Title Search


In Ecuador the title to a property is public information that anyone can access. However, our clients often prefer that we help in the process, as our bilingual employees know exactly where and how to sequester the information. 


It is important to know that the title search provides limited information on the property, for a more detailed description and history of the property we also offer professional legal opinions (see below).

Legal Opinion


If you would like an in-depth investigation of the property you are considering to buy (which we highly recommend), you can ask about our legal opinions. Included in this service is:

  • investigation of the deed to ensure it is free of holds or claims

  • in-depth history of owners, renters, buyers, etc.

  • inspection of measurements and boundaries of the property

  • GPS localization 

  • Identity check of all past owners, renters, buyers, etc.

  • Survey of amenities

Promissory Sales Agreement


Under certain circumstances, the payment for the property is not ready up-front, or the property will not be available until a certain time. In these situations, EcuaAssist will work with the client to negotiate a fair and legally sound promissory note with the contractor or owner of the property. To see more about PSAs, click here.

Closing Contract


In Ecuador, the final contract must be in Spanish and signed in front of a notary with your lawyer to ensure that all terms on the contract are fully understood by both parties. EcuaAssist will take care of translating the contract and checking all of the contingencies. In addition, we will deliver the signed contract to the municipality and notify you of all advancements. All you need to do is come in, sign, and prepare yourself to move into your property!

How to Grant a Power of Attorney...
Power of Attorney


If you plan on being outside Ecuador for a period of time, this service is quite useful for any transactions or legal actions that must be taken while you're away. Rest assured that EcuaAssist will keep all of your legal matters secure. 

Contact us today to get more information on any of our real estate services.

Just send an e-mail to or come to one of our offices and schedule an appointment. 

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