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Let us help with all of your legal needs


Welcome and thank you for considering EcuaAssist to help you transition into your new life in beautiful Ecuador. We are here to make sure this is a pleasant and hassle-free experience for you, by providing an experienced, bilingual legal team that will support you every step of the way.


The importance of having good legal counsel is indispensable in Ecuador, where there are more than 18,000 laws and regulations, and their structure often leaves a great deal of room for speculation regarding the manner in which they should be applied; so much so that legal professionals who work as public servants, applying these laws day by day often disagree with each other which may cause inconsistencies in their services.


At EcuaAssist, we are proud to say we have access to the most extensive legal database in the country, updated every day, and even more importantly, we have experience working with these laws on a daily basis and are kept abreast of the trends of not only what is on the books, but what is happening in practice, in government offices, notaries, etc.  Our philosophy is “If we don’t know, we know who does know.”  If there is anything we can’t help you with directly we aren’t afraid to admit it, but we are confident that we will be able to set you on the right path in the direction of someone who has exactly the information you need.


The legal counseling that EcuaAssist provides is applicable in a number of areas including immigration, starting and maintaining companies, contractual law, real estate law, and investment advising.  We deliver all contracts to our clients in English and Spanish and our bilingual staff is always here to make sure that we are able to answer any questions or concerns efficiently and transparently and provide our clients with the best possible service, personalized to be of maximum relevance to your individual situation.


As the study of law is a social science, it is somewhat unpredictable, and every day we are presented with new challenges that we must face; but we are in this business because we love facing challenges and overcoming them in exciting, new, innovative ways.

Legal processes in Ecuador can be slow and complicated, but with our bilingual staff, we can help to make it all a breeze. From banking assistance to translating, to car registration we have experience in working with virtually every legal matter, take a look at some of our legal services offered below. We also have access to to the most extensive legal library database in the country and are always up to date with the latest law changes.


Click the links below for more details on some of our most popular legal services.

Car Registration
Banking Assistance


Whether you want to set up an Ecuadorian bank account, need to transfer funds, or just need help to deposit a check, our bilingual staff is at your service to aid in the process. 

Car Registration


EcuaAssist provides legal assistance throughout the entire car-buying process. We will draw up all legal contracts, and verify all documents representing the vehicle to be purchased.

CD Registration


Complete Assistance throughout the process of registering your bank certificate for renewal or withdrawal with the Central Bank of Ecuador in Guayaquil or Quito. 

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IESS TUTORIAL_edited.png
Company Liquidation


Legal Assistance and advice in the liquidation of businesses in Ecuador.

Employee contract/severance


Due to the complexity of the labor contract system in Ecuador, EcuAssist offers legal advice on issues of writing employee contracts and terminating employee contracts, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Labour Relations and IESS.

IESS Assistance


Assistance for your personal affiliation, or the affiliation (registration) of your employees.



Almost every legal transaction that takes place in Ecuador legally requires an interpreter or a copy of the document in English as well as Spanish. Whether you are need of these services for legal or other matters, our bilingual staff is at the ready for all of your interpretation and translation needs. 

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Legal advice while creating your business in Ecuador, which will remain under the control of the Superintendency of Companies. To see the different options for starter companies in Ecuador see our How to Start a Company description.



When becoming a resident and/or citizen in Ecuador, there are very specific requirements, and legal steps of approval that must be taken. Here at EcuaAssist we have this process down and can make it easy, fast and efficient for you.

Senescyt Registration


If you are looking to use your professional degree in Ecuador, there are some very specific legal steps that must be taken in order to have it officially recognized by the state. Our services allow for an efficient processing of your degree so that you can get through the system and onto your work the first time through. 

Sociedad de Hecho


Legal assistance and advise through the formation of a Sociedad de Hecho, which is a recommended way to start a business in Ecuador, allowing the business owner to adapt to the particular form of doing business that Ecuador has.



wills ecuador.png


Upon acquiring property in Ecuador, it is most useful to have a will. Here at EcuaAssist, our attorney is an expert and knows the ins and outs of the Ecuadorian legal process for estate disposition.

Contact us today to get more information on any of our real estate services.

Just send an e-mail to or come to one of our offices and schedule an appointment. 

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