Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Ecuador

10. Climate


No matter what kind of climate you prefer, Ecuador has it. The coastal region provides a perpetual summer for those who prefer the warm weather, while the sierra has a cooler, drier climate for those who prefer mountain living. Say goodbye to below zero degree winters and hot, hazy summers, the weather rarely reaches extremes and is comfortable to live in all year round.


9. Seniors (including foreigners) receive discounts

Happy Elderly Couple.

You don’t need to be a legal resident of Ecuador to receive discounts as a senior (although if you do have an Ecuadorian visa you can get even more!). In Ecuador, seniors get numerous economic benefits that range from be refunded for IVA, which is a tax added onto all goods and services, to not having to pay income taxes, and even includes 50% discounts on bus and air travel as well as monthly utility bills. For more details, see our blog post on Benefits for Seniors in Ecuador.

8. Lower real estate prices


In Ecuador, money goes a lot farther than it would in the United States or Canada, and as the Ecuadorian economy continues to grow, the time to invest in real estate is now. No matter where in Ecuador you are looking to live, it’s easy to find affordable, elegant living space.

7. Great public health care


Maybe you’ve caught on to the common theme here, but Ecuadorian healthcare is a lot more affordable than North America. Ecuador provides health insurance for $70 a month to all legal residents. Access to high quality healthcare is available in all large cities and most local clinics. Medicine is also more affordable, and if you’re willing to take the generic brand, even cheaper. To read more about why Ecuadorian healthcare is great for retirees, check out this article: Health Care Options is One More Reason to Think About Retiring to Ecuador

6. Inexpensive healthy and organic food

Fresh Veggies

One advantage of moving to a country where the majority of the workforce is based on agriculture, is that the produce is very affordable. This not only means a smaller monthly budget, but healthier eating as well. If you can resist the mouth watering empanadas they sell on the streets, the Ecuadorian diet is very nutritious and tasty.

5. Relaxed culture and slow-paced life

Beach Vacation

If you’re looking to de-stress and live an easy going day-to-day life, Ecuador is perfect. Ecuadorians are patient and helpful people, and Ecuador has many options for relaxation. How do you like to relax? Yoga on the beach? Hiking through mountains? Reading in a hammock? Having a beer with your friends? Ecuador has something for everyone.

4. Travelling throughout the country is easy