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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us…

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"When the decision of relocating to Ecuador was made, we knew we would need assistance with the Visa process. After much research, we decided to use EcuaAssist because they were highly rated and recommended by other expats. Our consultation with Marcos convinced us this was the right company for us. He was professional, but also warm and friendly. During the months leading to our move, Ana and Melina were invaluable. They kept us informed of where we were in the process and what was needed. They were always responsive to any questions or concerns we had. They took care of translating all the required documents to Spanish, something we could not do ourselves.
A few weeks before our Visa appointment, we were still lacking a document from the Government. EcuaAssist was able to obtain a certified copy and have it Apostilled in time for our appointment.
We now have our Visas and Cedulas, are official Residents of this beautiful country, and have been enjoying its amazing beauty and friendly people.
We are grateful to EcuaAssist for making this not only possible but completely stress free!!"

Steven and Karen Schneider

United States of America - Salinas

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"As a family, we would like to thank the team at EcuaAssist. From the first point of contact, until completion, we have been kept informed on all matters. All emails are answered in a  swift and friendly manner. We now have our home, our visas, and our cedulas, all thanks to the dedication of the team, as I know, not everything was straightforward in our case, but no matter the obstacle, EcuaAssist always found a way, which we are very grateful for. I would like to highly recommend EcuaAssist as I can’t think of a single problem they didn’t solve for us.

Thanks again all at EcuaAssist, we can now enjoy our new life!"

Nicola and Paul Ware

United Kingdom - Salinas

Familia Sanders.jpeg

"EcuaAssist has been great throughout our entire visa process! The team is kind, helpful, and they get things done! Thank you!"

Liliya and Tim Sanders

United States of America - Salinas

– Chris and Kristen Sheridan

Manta - Manabí

Anne Marie Flemming.jpeg

"Thank goodness for EcuaAssist! With so many changes and documents required, I would have been lost trying to handle this process alone. All of the staff's responses were punctual and knowledgeable. I'll be using their help with all future legal matters- I highly recommend!!"

Anne Marie Flemming

United States of America - Manta

– Tracy and Rolanda Stinson

Manta - Manabí

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"We discovered EcuaAssist in 2022 when we were in Ecuador for our four month exploratory tour. We used the free consultation with Marcos to answer our questions and prep up for the documentation we needed to get when back in the States. Once we got back in the States we started the Pensioners Visa process and worked with EcuaAssist through the whole process. EcuaAssist people were very prompt and professional. Their guidance and assistance allowed us to get our Visas and Cedulas in Manta. We highly recommend using EcuaAssist for getting your Visas."

David Ballí

United States of America - Manta


"Several years ago I purchased a piece of property in Montanita with the intent of building a house. Since I decided to continue living in the United States I made the decision to sell my land. My trusted friend agreed to do that for me but in order to do so I needed to have not only a power of attorney written in Spanish but an apostille as well. It was impossible to get that in the States so a friend recommended EcuaAssist. I had a Zoom meeting with Marcos Chiluisa and he connected me with Ana Icaza in the Salinas office. I old her I would be in Ecuador in a few weeks and everything was taken care of very quickly, we were in constant contact by email and when I arrived the papers were completed and ready to sign. Their assistant Melina Encalada speaks perfect English and was wonderful as well. The entire process was seamless and I could not have been happier. EcuaAssist provides a great service for expats and I highly recommend them."

–Davida Julian

United States of America - Salinas

What to Do in Cuenca, Ecuador on a Budget - AllTheRooms - The Vacation Rental Experts_edit

"I couldn´t be happier with my experience using EcuaAssist Cuenca in order to obtain my visa and cedula. I was given full transparency into the entire process and was provided with the accurate information needed to proceed from the start. I highly recommend this wonderful team (Danna Encalada was my point person) for anyone dealing with the arduous process of seeking out an Ecuadorian Visa. I was even guided through the process in picking up my cedula-- Danna met me at the Cuenca offices and literally walked me through that process as well. Well worth my time and money-- I couldn´t have done it without their help!"

–Alexandra Ragheb


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"Ana and Melina from EcuaAssist Salinas were very helpful and supportive throughout my process. Highly recommend their immigration service for the extremely complicated Ecuadorian system. Definitely worth every penny."

–Nick Lauzon

Canada - Salinas

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"I recently have had the distinct pleasure of using EcuaAssist’s services in getting my 2 year temporary residency visa in Ecuador. I was particularly fortunate to have Serena Macias in the Quito office as my advisor and facilitator. I suppose it is entirely possible to manage wading through the somewhat burdensome process that is involved but I can truthfully say that without Serena’s knowledge of the system and her patient advice to me throughout I don’t think I would have succeeded! She was always prompt in replying to my questions and always a delight to communicate with. I was so happy to finally meet her in person when I went to apply for my cedula and, again, I’m so thankful for her presence and guidance through that whole process. Unfortunately, at the time, it ended with me being issued a cedula number but not the physical card since they were out of the necessary supplies. They said someone would call me to inform me when the card was ready. After waiting almost a month and a half Serena happened to go to the Registry with another client and inquired about mine. Thank God she did! She was told that it was ready even though no one from the office called to inform me!! Oh well one does learn to be patient when dealing with Ecuadorian bureaucracy! Thank you EcuaAssist and, especially, thank you Serena Macias for your dedication in helping ex-pats transition to life here in Ecuador! I heartily recommend their services to anyone seeking to move to Ecuador!!."

–JJ Simoneaux

United States of America - Quito

Jamar y Ramona Winder_edited.png

"My wife and I moved to the Quito, Ecuador from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We were hesitant to do the residency visa process alone in Ecuador and sought assistance from EcuaAssist. Serena from EcuaAssist was very helpful through the process. She ensured we had the necessary documents and kept us informed with updates and appointments. In the end, we received our temporary residency visas and cédulas within three weeks of arriving in Ecuador which was much faster than expected. We are very satisfied with our experience with EcuaAssist and would recommend their services to anyone seeking assistance with the immigration process to Ecuador."

–Jamar & Ramona Winder

Dominican Republic - Quito


"I have been living in Ecuador full-time since early 2016. From the outset, Ecuasssist has been a valued resource, service, and in many ways, a friend. I’ve gotten to know Marcos, Ana, and everyone at the office in Salinas, and they have never failed to provide me with timely and expert advice.

They have helped me with various topics, (not solely legal), and have been very forthright in what they can do to help. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

–Lloyd Starratt

United States of America - Montañita


"Thank you so much for your services. 


It was a positive experience for me. You were fast reliable and professional. 

I will be contacting you for next time when I apply for temporary residency."

–George Tayali

Manta - Manabí


"We think Ecuaassist provides a wonderful service and we have recommended you to our friends that we’ve met here in Ecuador.
The process of the visa extension online is fast and easy and we feel secure knowing Ecuaassist is handling this for us.  We do it all from our living room and we don’t have to travel to the bank or migration office.  The price is fair for the peace of mind and quick service that we receive. 
Muchas gracias!"

–Lori Ann Cook and John Hayden

Canada - Manabí

Lynne Allen photo 2.jpg

"I worked with EcuaAssist on two matters, one relating to my visa and one general legal issue. I highly recommend them. You explain what you need, they send you a written summary of what they will do and how much it will cost, and that is all you have to pay, no surprises. I wish I had discovered them sooner in my 13 years in Ecuador!"

–Lynne Allen

United States of America - Salinas

Keith and Elizabeth MacFarlane photo.jpg

"We found ecuaassist using a Google search when we were living in canada and planning our move.  They were very helpful telling us about the quirks of ecuadorian immigration.   We were able to arrive in 2020 with all the required paperwork.   They held our hands through all the steps of temporary and permanent residency.   They made all the appointments and even handled making the payments to the immigration people which was a big time saver.  We have had many friends here run into delays and problems with their immigration journey, ecuaassist was more expensive than doing it ourselves,  but the reduced stress was worth it to us."

–Keith & Elizabeth MacFarlane

United States of America - Salinas

Randy Rezka.jpg

"As an expat in a strange country,one always wishes he had someone to call for help when things pop up. Marcos Chiliusa,has created that with his company Ecuassist in Ecuador. A call to his company and the incredible people that assist him,is always reassuring,no matter what your situation. We have relied on Ecuassist for everything from immigration to banking,to realestate transactions. I have dealt mainly with the Salinas office and the people I have dealt with have been nothing short of incredible. Highly recommend their services to all folks in Ecuador."

–Randy Rezka

Canada - Olón

Bryan Davella_edited.jpg

"I had a great experience with EcuaAssist who helped me obtain my temporary residency visa. The process is a lengthy, frustrating and unclear one, however EcuaAssist made everything as smooth as possible by providing constant updates and facilitating all necessary appointments and preparation of paperwork that is needed. Ana was always available when I needed some additional guidance and always pointed me in the right direction when I had any questions or was unsure of any part of the process. I recommend to anyone thinking of going through the visa process to consider working with EcuaAssist, it will save you hours of frustration and let you focus on other things in your life!"

–Bryan Davella

United States of America - Salinas

Bruce Smit.JPG

"My name is Bruce Smit and I used Ecuaassist’s services for my 90 day extension and my temporary resident visa. The processes went very smoothly with no stress on my part. I will definitely use them in the future, as I need them! I highly recommend Eccuaassist for all of your visa needs!!"

–Bruce Smit

United States of America - Salinas


"The services provided by EcuaAssist have been invaluable for me as an American who owns a house in Ecuador. They have helped me set up my utility services such as my electricity, water, wifi service as well as opening a bank account for me in Ecuador.  


Without the countless services that they provide to expats and foreigners who plan to live in Ecuador or purchase a property in Ecuador, expats like myself would not have a clue on how to proceed to resolve their issues, since Spanish is mainly spoken in Ecuador.  


Thus, I'm indebted to EcuaAssist for the vital services that they provide to foreigners and expats like myself.

–Curtis Jue

Georgia, USA - Salinas

–Deneen Hicks

Manta - Manabí

–John Williams

Santa Marianita - Manabí

–Andrew Sweeny

San Clemente - Manabí

–Charles Hicks

Manta - Manabí

Milaina Larsen EcuaAssist Ecuador Visas.

"Our agent at EcuaAssist was great in helping get my residency and our son's citizenship. Everyone we dealt with was very professional, courteous, and prompt to respond to any questions or issues we may have. The Ecuadorian legal system is anything but straightforward, and EcuaAssist was essential in helping guide us through the process. We were very glad we decided to use their services rather than attempt it on our own."


Thank you again for all your help. I hope you're staying safe and sane during this difficult time!

–Milaina Larsen

Canada - Manabí

EcuaAssist Ecuador Visa.jpeg

"EcuaAssist helped me with a property closing right before Christmas. Very helpful and clear. Much appreciated assistance from Michaela and colleagues.


Will return when we are ready for visa process."

–Laura Hertzog

New Jersey - San Clemente, Manabí

EcuaAssist EcuadorVisas Ecuador

"We were very pleased with the service of EcuaAssist. They were very knowledgeable and
offered suggestions that were a great advantage to us.


The senior discount certainly saved us
money and will in the future. Thank you! The tax discount was even greater than expected."


–Steve Harned & Scott Baldwin

Canada - Montañita, Santa Elena


"I bought a house in Ecuador with EcuaAssist. Everything went smoothly and effortlessly on my part.


Their assistance has been fabulous. They have guided me through each step, plus helping
me finish the registration of my deed. I thank them very much for their time and guidance to me."


–Geraldine Smout

3 times EcuaAssist client

Salinas, Santa Elena

Ecuador Visas EcuaAssist.jpg

"Staff was very professional and courteous. Weekly update were sent to keep us informed of
the process. We have used this agency for temporary and permanent visas.


They handled a few hiccups along the way very well for us.


We plan on using this service again."


–Ginny & Allen Mindrum

Cincinnatti, U.S.A.- Salinas, Santa Elena

EcuadorVisas EcuaAssist.jpg

"Nous sommes très satisfaits des services rendus par EcuaAssist et nous les recommandons fortement. Merci à toute l'équipe"


–Jasmin Binette y Martine Tremblay

Canada - Mirador de San José, Manabí

Ecuador Visas.jpg

"We moved to Ecuador in mid-October of 2019 We used EcuaAssist to obtain our visas, cédulas, and health insurance. They were with us every step of the way guiding us through the maze of government offices 


The staff is friendly, very well trained, and speaks excellent English Highly recommend them if you are planning to move to this beautiful country


Thank you EcuaAssist for a job well done!!!!"


–Ellen & Doug Schulz

United States of America - Manta, Manabí

Soraya and Matt Wilks.jpg

"We used EcuaAssist to assist in the closing on 2 pieces of property. It was near the end of the year and in Ecuador as many of you know things come to a standstill during the holidays. We did not want the stress of worrying about closing hanging over our heads for a month.


Both Ana and Melina were very helpful and always ready to go the extra mile. They accomplished what many would have thought to be impossible and we ended up closing on both properties in less than one week (during the holidays)!


–George & Teressa Culli

United States of America - Salinas, Santa Elena Province

Soraya, Matt, and Ollie.jpg

"We first started doing our research about living in Ecuador 3 years ago, and we knew we made the right choice with EcuaAssist as their name came up in almost every conversation we had with other Expats.

They were thorough, responsive, and always had our best interest in mind.


We had a great experience and would use them again in the future! A big thanks to Marcos and Adriana for all the help and support they provided us."


–Soraya, Matt & Ollie Wilks

Toronto, Canada - Puerto Cayo, Manabí

Robert Hoffman

"I recently had the opportunity to use the services of EcuaAssist, Manta office.


I could not be more pleased with the services I received from them. I had required the assistance of an expert in Ecuadoran law for a property transfer. EcuaAssist handle the situation expertly and promptly.


I would, and plan to, use their services again"


–Robert J. Hoffman

Summerfield, FL. United States of America - Crucita, Manabí

Brian and Angie Hoffman

"This is to let you know that we appreciate your excellent and professional services in helping us to
obtain our visa extensions. Last year it was great and we are happy to be seeking your assistance again this year. You make the whole process painless.



–Brian and Angie Gaudet

Canada - Mirador San José, Manabí

Randy Potvin

"Ecuassist has been very friendly and professional and has helped us with all paperwork and details when we bought our condo in Canoa. They have kept us well informed about all the process I have used the services of EcuaAssist a number of times. The services I have used range from interpreter services to transferring my resident visa to my new passport. The first time was helping me register for health insurance with IESS. EcuaAssist services proved invaluable for this. You have no history with the Ecuadorian Social Security Administration, IESS, so you can't successfully answer the questions when you try to sign up online. The second time was helping me with an issue with my bank.  And the last time was assisting me with the transfer of my resident visa to my new passport.

The Manta location is convenient for me and the people are great to work with. They take the time to understand what you need, and what you think you need may not be what you really need. They explain what is going to happen and why it needs to happen that way. And they really go the extra mile. I needed a report from Immigration as part of the requirement for transferring my resident visa. Typically, you go to the Immigration office, get a payment slip, go to a bank and pay the fee, get a receipt and then go back to the Immigration office and request the report. When 
I showed up at the EcuaAssist office for my appointment, I found that they had already done those steps and we could go to the Immigration office and request the report. That is full service.

The next time I can't solve a problem on my own, I'll be back to the EcuaAssist office in Manta."


–Randy Potvin

United States of America - Manta, Manabí

Ana Polit

"Ecuassist has been very friendly and professional and has helped us with all paperwork and details when we bought our condo in Canoa. They have kept us well informed about all the process and are constantly communicating via email. We are very satisfied with their work and professional ethic."


–Ana Polit

 Homer, Alaska, United States of America - Canoa, Manabí

Raylene Whitford

"I have used many types of professional service companies in Ecuador, and nothing compares to EcuaAssist.  I appreciate the guidance, responsiveness and positivity of the teams in the offices - but most of all they treat you as a longtime friend.  Bureaucracy is annoying in any country, but Ecuador takes it to another level!  I encourage you to rely on Marcos and his capable team to navigate this part of the world."


–Raylene Whitford

 Edmonton, Canada - Quito D.M.

Annie Hampford

"Ecuaassist made the process of getting a Temporary Residency Visa relatively painless. They were thorough and clear in communicating what I needed to do and when I needed to do it.


They have a deep understanding of the system and are agile in navigating the unexpected (which happens in Ecuador!).


The office staff in Manta are friendly and accommodating with excellent command of English. I felt taken care of at all times and never had to worry about the process. I will use them again. "


–Annie Hampford

 Easton, Connecticut, United States - Puerto Cayo, Manabí

Rick and Terr Bremer

"I would like to tell you about my experience with EcuaAssist and Adriana Rosado.  She did a fantastic job guiding me through the steps necessary to complete the paperwork for our visas.  We have now received our cedulas and wish to thank Adriana for all of her help.


Adriana checked in with me every Friday for updates and was always ready to help with any questions that arose during the week.  I felt secure in what I was doing because of her guidance. "


–Rick & Terri Bremer

United States of America - Puerto Cayo, Manabí


"Let me share that my experience with EcuAssist has been smooth, straightforward and absolutely satisfactory in terms of Visa process managing and assistance. And assistance is the key word here, as I have been given the choice for the best time to go through every step, allowing me to keep my job schedule unaltered, but without exceeding the lapses stablished by local legislation. The result has been success in achieving a legal migratory status in Ecuador.


About Joana, I’d like to express my absolute satisfaction regarding her assistance. She had been a very respectful and understanding person, did her best to suit my work schedule and achieved. Regardless her youth she has shown: great communicational skills (in more than one language), respect, wit and solidarity.


Let me share that I did not expected my visa process will work out as fine as it did. But EcuAssist through Joana did helped the process a great deal to get legal migratory status."


–Manuel Romero

Tetra Pak - Quito D.M.


"Necesitaba obtener mi visa de residencia permanente en Ecuador para poder seguir trabajando acá. Joana y su equipo nos ayudaron a mí y mi familia con todo el trámite y gestión. Nos direccionaron correctamente y nos aportaron muchísimo con consejos oportunos y acertados.


Habría sido muy difícil hacer esto sin su ayuda ya que mi horario de trabajo es restrictivo y el ministerio puso varias trabas. Recomendables 100%."



– Hernan Rosales

Tetrapak - Quito D.M.

Diego Becerril

"Antes que nada un cordial saludo, agradeciendo tu gran soporte, ya que la verdad con tu gestión, proporcionas y haces sentir muy en confianza, puesto que las cosas se realizarán bien y a la primera, eso es algo de admirar y agradecer, más aún en trámites difíciles (de misión imposible), reitero mi gran agradecimiento y además para desearte felices fiestas en compañía de tus seres queridos.


Nunca pierdas ese espíritu de servicio."


– Diego Becerril y Familia

Tetra Pak - Quito D.M.

Carlos Scott.jpg

"He tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con Joana y Kevin en los últimos seis meses y aprecio enormemente su ayuda y asistencia.


Cuando solicito la naturalización, entiendo que el proceso es largo y difícil, y muy impredecible. En consecuencia, aunque he tenido que regresar a la oficina muchas veces, y es probable que tenga que regresar ya que la nueva prueba de ciudadanía está resultando muy difícil, estoy seguro de que seguirán siendo capaces de ayudarme a completar ¡mi aplicación! De hecho, entendí por Kevin que a veces los clientes se molestaban porque las cosas cambiaban y eran impredecibles.


Desde que llevo casi ocho años en el Ecuador, entiendo cómo puede suceder esto. Sin embargo, me siento muy feliz de que cuando ocurrieron cosas impredecibles, Kevin y Joana me ayudaron a navegar por la complejidad. Nuevamente, he disfrutado trabajando con ellos y espero que podamos completar con éxito mi solicitud."



– Carlos Scott Lopez

Quito D.M.

Xavier & Diana O´Neill

"I stumbled upon EcuaAssist through a Google search, and admittingly we were a bit fearful trusting any foreign related services.


Initially, we just needed FBI fingerprint cards for a temporary VISA.  EcuaAssist came across professional/attentive enough that we decided to trust them with obtaining important security background documents for my permanent VISA.


One mistake, and we would lose thousands of dollars, valuable time and get into a lot of legal problems...


We contacted Joana and had multiple conversations with Kelvin and Marcos.


We were very paranoid during the entire process.  Marcos and his team of experts accurately explained and kept us updated throughout the entire process.  Everything was executed according to plan!


The price is right and the level/quality of service was amazing (exceeded expectation).


By chance, after we received the documents, we bumped into Kelvin at the VISA office.  We witnessed 1st hand the effort they put into the entire process for all clients by keeping actively informed of the frequently changing VISA rules."



– Xavier & Diana O´Neill

Quito D.M.

Mike & Deyanira Hill

"Mike and I came to Quito Ecuador on September 27th, 2018.  EcuaAssist was suggested by a Canadian couple that came here to retire, and Marcos Chilluisa was their first choice.


We contacted Marcos and he sent us to Joana and Kelvin, in less than two months my husband got the Ecuadorian Visa, and we thank them sincerely.


They will always be our go to the legal team. Definitely, we will come back to your office, for any legal issue that may arise.


Again, thank you to the EcuaAssist team!!"



– Mike and Deyanira Hill

Quito D.M.

Maria de los Angeles Mignone

"I don’t know what I would have done without Joana Do Rego’s assistance yesterday. I thought I was fluent in Spanish, but I soon found out that reading and interpreting legal documents is definitely not in my comfort zone.


Joana answered every question I had, and explained with expert knowledge the contents of each and every document that required my signature by the Ecuadorian customs office in Guayaquil. Her professionalism and genuine concern for my situation turned what could have been a very stressful day into a day I made a friend in Quito.


Thank you, Joana!"



– Maria de los Angeles Mignone

Quito D.M.

Daniel Connor

"I chose Ecuaassist to help me with a real estate purchase, and couldn't be happier. Through countless emails, Joana and Kelvin were helpful and professional every step of the way, and it could never have happened without them. It was complicated, but they figured it all out with apparent ease. Always friendly and patient.


I will definitely chose this team to solve future legal issues for me. "



– Daniel Connor

Nanegal, Pichincha Province

Vicky Spitzak

"I would most highly recommend Joana DoRego and the team at EcuaAssist in Quito for any legal assistance one might require. But most specifically, let me talk about Joana and her many talents!


Joana goes to great lengths to ensure her clients’ needs are fulfilled.  She has represented many of our clients in assisting with visas and other legal documents…and has done so with a sense of purpose; of meeting her customer’s needs or requests; and is most professional in all her work!


She has a great sense of urgency…always ready to assist – even during time of great stress or confusion!  However, Joana always stays calm and focused – and keeps her clients happy & satisfied.


Our clients love working with Joana – and everyone speaks of her fantastic customer service and amazing positive attitude.  Joana appears to be a miracle worker…always calm and helpful in even the most difficult situations.


Joana is a delight to work with…and I can only say that she is a great talent, a very hard-working individual and we greatly enjoy our partnership with her!"


– Vicki Spitzack 

C2C Moves, Moving company

Daniel & Gina Pratt

"Our three generations family of five began this journey with the wonderful help of the Ecuaasist team. Marcos and Adriana always guide us well as our relocation dreams evolve. Well done!" 



– Daniel & Gina Pratt 

Puerto Cayo, Manabí

Tristen Back.JPG

"I had been through the process of obtaining a 6 month tourist visa by myself before coming to Ecuador in order to get married.


It was quite stressful and I almost wasn't given the visa just days before my trip because the laws had changed. After I got married, I knew that I wanted assistance with obtaining my residency visa, especially since I only had three months to get everything together. I contacted EcuaAssist and was assisted by Joana and Kelvin. Both of them were extremely helpful in obtaining documents from the United States and submitting everything that was required. During this time, I learned I was pregnant, so it became especially important that I could stay in Ecuador.


On the day I needed to apply for my visa, I was suffering from morning sickness, so Joana went above and beyond and spoke to someone so I didn't have to wait as long. They were by my side every step of the way and I am so glad I decided to use their services.


Thanks to their hard work I am living in Ecuador with my husband and my baby girl today." 



– Tristen Back

United States of America  - Quito  D.M.

Lucy Hancock.jpg

"Joana Do Rego of Ecua-Assist helped my husband and me to register our diplomas with SENESCYT, a step on the way to applying for visas to Ecuador.


It turned out to be complicated because I had done such unexpected and unguessable things as changing my name at marriage, which flustered the paperwork.  But it was not our problem... Joana Do Rego guided us through it.  The diplomas were duly later registered that year.  Throughout this effort, and especially during our visit to Ecuador to complete it, Joana made me feel as though we were wrapped in velvet, precious and important, do a rescue from all difficulty and improvidence.  Everything we did in association with Joana worked beautifully.  Her arrangements on our behalf lasted us past our visit and left us prepared going forward.  To this day some of her advice and thoughtfulness remains part of our life in Ecuador.

and document translations with notaries' legal approval stamps.  


They help many Canadians and Americans get legal here.  They extensive knowledge of Ecuadorian law and changes to their immigration rules make life stress free.  We love them and hope you do too." 



– Lucy Hancock

Harvard University alumni, and Ph.D. in physics and astronomy  

Happily retired in Quito 

Lucy Hancock.jpg

"Joana Do Rego of Ecua-Assist helped my husband and me to register our diplomas with SENESCYT, a step on the way to applying for visas to Ecuador.


It turned out to be complicated because I had done such unexpected and unguessable things as changing my name at marriage, which flustered the paperwork.  But it was not our problem... Joana Do Rego guided us through it.  The diplomas were duly later registered that year.  Throughout this effort, and especially during our visit to Ecuador to complete it, Joana made me feel as though we were wrapped in velvet, precious and important, do a rescue from all difficulty and improvidence.  Everything we did in association with Joana worked beautifully.  Her arrangements on our behalf lasted us past our visit and left us prepared going forward.  To this day some of her advice and thoughtfulness remains part of our life in Ecuador.

and document translations with notaries' legal approval stamps.  


They help many Canadians and Americans get legal here.  They extensive knowledge of Ecuadorian law and changes to their immigration rules make life stress free.  We love them and hope you do too." 



– Lucy Hancock

Harvard University alumni, and Ph.D. in physics and astronomy  

Happily retired in Quito 

Diego & Veronca Yepez

"We highly recommend EcuaAssist & the team! Very knowledgeable & professional since the beginning. Marcos & his amazing team has delivered exceptional services for us. We hired Marcos to help us with our father inheritance & not once did he nor his team disappoint. Very communicative and response time is very efficient.


We would not go with anyone else. We highly recommend EcuaAssist!!! If you are looking for a team that knows Ecuador laws and need the job to get done ... hire them! You won’t regret. Thank you, Marcos & team, for being there for us! We appreciate you!!!" 



– Diego & Veronica Yepez 

California, USA

024 (1).JPG

"I highly recommend EcuaAssist for anyone needing help in Manta, Ecuador.  We have used them many times in the past 3 years from help with our Visa extensions, Cedula application, Driving licenses and document translations with notaries' legal approval stamps.  


They help many Canadians and Americans get legal here.  They extensive knowledge of Ecuadorian law and changes to their immigration rules make life stress free.  We love them and hope you do too." 


– Christine Armstrong 

Vancouver, BC Canada -San Lorenzo, Manabí 

Diego & Veronca Yepez

"We highly recommend EcuaAssist & the team! Very knowledgeable & professional since the beginning. Marcos & his amazing team has delivered exceptional services for us. We hired Marcos to help us with our father inheritance & not once did he nor his team disappoint. Very communicative and response time is very efficient.


We would not go with anyone else. We highly recommend EcuaAssist!!! If you are looking for a team that knows Ecuador laws and need the job to get done ... hire them! You won’t regret. Thank you, Marcos & team, for being there for us! We appreciate you!!!" 



– Diego & Veronica Yepez 

California, USA

Melany & Wayne Brown

"EcuaAssist handles everything, allowing for a stress-free transition to our new home in Ecuador. From the very beginning we were treated professionally and graciously from the knowledgeable staff.


While my husband and I are learning to speak Spanish, our current language abilities did not allow us to navigate the immigration system with confidence. Working with the EcuaAssist staff gave us that confidence. Now that we are further along in our transition, we are thoroughly enjoying our new life. Viva Ecuador!" 



– Melany & Wayne Brown

Manta, Manabí

Vincent Ricci

"I came to Ecuador as a volunteer and my first visa was sponsored by the non-profit hosting me. After finishing my contract, I decided to stay in Ecuador and needed to get my professional visa to continue my life here. It all seemed very challenging especially learning that I had to get my U.S. and state criminal background checks translated.


I did the entire visa process myself but I was very impressed with EcuaAssist's turn around time to get the translations back to me. Given the sudden changes of visa laws in Ecuador, I also really appreciated their advice when the ministry was moving its office to another part of Quito and was able to suggest some other options in the provincial areas.


Despite it only being a translation service, you won't be disappointed with their services and experience around the tricky Ecuadorian bureaucracy. I would definitely use them again in the future." 



– Vincent Ricci

Quito D.M.

Geraldine Smout

"I'm Geraldine Smout a newly arrived expat living in Ecuador. Today I am very happy and excited to say I am now a resident. I wanted to follow my dream of living in Ecuador which started for me in late 2016. It is truly a wonderful country, full of every possibility you could think of for adventure. And I'm not just talking about sports and wildlife when I say that. Moving away from your normal, conversing with people, being in different environments and keeping positive. It's all adventurous and I am thrilled with it all. I must say EcuaAssist leadership, and the caring people in their Salinas Office have made my transitions smooth. Ana, Melina, and Andrés helped me every step of the way. They helped me get all my information correct before coming from Canada. All documents were ready as I arrived because of their knowledge of what was required, on my behave was excellent. They have sent me weekly reports, which I really appreciated. They went to the government offices with me. In a timely manner, we received my temporary visa. They cleared requirements on me behave as well to get my cedula papers in order. 

Under the leadership of Ana Icaza,  EcuaAssist has an excellent professional team in Salinas. Warm people who care about their work, their country and about their clients. Making every effort to make sure one has a good experience in Ecuador. 

Thank you very much!"

– Geraldine Smout

Canada - Salinas, Santa Elena Province

Gleda Straube

"Friends recommended that I use EcuaAssist after I expressed frustration at trying to get a Resident Visa on my own. Once I contacted them, a conference call was quickly set up with the CEO, Marcos Chiluisa. Mr. Chiluisa immediately provided me with great advice (as I later learned) as to what kind of visa would best benefit me. I particularly appreciated that he was very clear about the costs so that there was never any surprise involved. I then started working closely with Adriana Rosado in the Manta office. Ms. Rosado was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I had read many social network posts from frustrated people who had taken many months to get their educational degree accepted by SENESCYT. I later realized they should have used EcuaAssist because I was shocked when Adriana got my degree accepted within 10 days of submittal. Everything else went smoothly as Adriana guided me through the ever-changing governmental process. I now recommend EcuaAssist to anyone who needs assistance. Ultimately, I was so impressed with the integrity of the EcuaAssist CEO and staff like Adriana. The Manta office rocks!"


– Glenda Straube

Texas - Mirador San Jose, Manabí

Rispel Lazaro

"I was really impressed the way EcuaAssist helped me processing my visa, the workers are really accomodating  and focused, I am very thankful that in a short period of time I got my papers done and so my cedula ️, Definitely I will comeback to your office, more power to your company and God Bless you all !!!"


– Rispel Lazaro

 Philippines - Portoviejo, Manabí

Wes Keir

"I have bought properties in Central America & South America and will say EcuaAssist is easily the Best Legal Service I have used. I will always suggest hiring EcuaAssist to handle everything involved in Buying & Moving Overseas. I would never suggest “doing it on your own.” There’s so much involved and EcuaAssist is with you every step of the way in the most efficient and professional way.


I want to personally thank Marcos, Adriana, and their Staff for all their help and I’m looking forward to doing more business in the future"


– Wes K

 Puerto Cayo, Manabí

Bev Cowan y Sandy Toffoli

"Sandy and I landed in Cuenca, Ecuador in 2013.  When the Immigration Department would not accept our 180-day visas, which were bought in the United States, I knew we were in trouble.  We needed someone who knew Ecuadorian law and who spoke Spanish and who could wrangle Ecuadorian bureaucracy.  We were one of EcuaAssist's first clients.  With that said, we continue to be his clients to this day.


EcuaAssist has always been there when we needed them.  We knew we could depend on the employees to help us, no matter what the issue.  We also know through experience, that not only does Marcos care about you and your issues, but he is also reliable and trustworthy. 


We love EcuaAssist and all their employees.  They will always be our “go to “ legal team.  They have become a part of our family."


– Bev Cowan & Sandy Toffoli

 Salinas, Santa Elena.

Eduardo y Ludmilla Gonzalez

"EcuaAssist has been doing a fantastic job helping us in obtaining our Resident Visa to move to Ecuador. In a complicated process, we highly recommend using their services to solve all your questions and needs with professionalism in a timely manner.


We are still in the process of obtaining our papers but we are very confident that they will do what it takes to finish the job."


– Eduardo & Ludmilla Gonzalez

 Salinas, Santa Elena.

Bill Lemley

"EcuaAssist Provided expert advice and exhibited expert knowledge of the immigration process. They walked me through the entire process.


I have now received my 2-year residence visa and my cedula. I would highly recommend them. They are very competent and professional."


Billy Lemley

 Salinas, Santa Elena.

Jettie Purnell

"The staff at EcuaAssist did an excellent job helping me to obtain my visa and Ecuador Cédula during. My situation posed some unique challenges as I had to retrieve documents from years ago from the United States.


The Salinas and Manta EcuaAssist team provided me with the correct advice and my application was accepted without any glitches. I highly recommend their professional services."


Jettie Purnel

 - North Carolina - Salinas, Santa Elena.

Brigitte M.

"Hola Adriana, una palabra para agradecer a todo su equipo por la cálida bienvenida que recibí en sus oficinas de Manta y el servicio de seguimiento por correo electrónico que siempre es respondido con gran rapidez. Gente útil y muy profesional. 


Recomiendo sus servicios a la gente que llega al país sin conocer las leyes. El servicio es impecable y ayuda enormemente en la entrega de los archivos o documentos en el orden solicitados por Ecuador. Gracias a todo el equipo."

Brigitte M.  

 - Mirador San José, Manabí

Jane Layman

"I can highly recommend Ecuaassist in Manta, Ecuador.  Their professional staff is fluent in English, and their legal work is thorough and prompt. 


They are efficient and knowledgeable about all things Immigration. You will enjoy working with the friendly staff at Ecuaassist! "



Jane Layman  

 - Manta, Manabí

Yves Rene Bechard

"Since the very first time I entered in EcuaAssist office in Manta, I was very happy to know this office was existing because Adriana and Fernando make you comfortable at the first contact.


Even you speak Spanish, it is a big plus that they can also give you the service in English.


For my Ecuadorian Citizenship process, they were always there supporting me at all steps and knowing that Adriana got her Canadian Citizenship, well for me this was a plus because she knew what kind of stress you can go through all the process.  Now I am just waiting for the call from Immigration to go at the ceremony to get my citizenship and it should be done, hoping New Years 2019.


Fernando is a nice person, always smiling and was supporting me at all visit to the immigration office from the beginning.  I saw easily, that if I was going by myself alone at the immigration, this would not have been easy for me.  Adriana and Fernando know many immigrant agents in this office and it was fun to see Fernando going through talking to them.  Something that I wouldn't have done by myself, probably take a number and wait.


They were there for me even for just to get my new cedula that I lost or to get professional documents translated and notarized.


If you need good immigration law explainations or for visas, well Abogado Marcos is there and he also speak fluent English.


I highly recommend to all, the services of this EcuaAssist office in Manta for their good interpersonal skills and their professionalism.


Thank you so much to be there and hoping to see you soon at the ceremony.

Have a great day.

Yves Rene Bechard 

 - Canada - Mirador San Jose, Manabí-


Richar Konig

"The team at Ecuaassist have been helping me provide services to my own clients for two years and have never let me down. I rely on Adriana's professional approach and organizational skills to such an extent that I have almost forgotten that I have tasks that need to be managed in Ecuador...these seem to take care of themselves.  I highly recommend."


–Richard Konig

 - London, United Kingdom -


Harry Chafer-Cook

"EcuaAssist made my professional visa process smooth and simple. Joana replied promptly to all my emails and answered all my questions while Kelvin was a big help taking me to Quitumbe. Overall, their service reduced all the stress and anxiety of dealing with government bureaucracy and allowed me to concentrate on my work.


Thanks Joana!"


–Harry Chafer-Cook

 - United Kingdom  - Quito, D.M.


Carolyn Engel

"I contacted EcuaAssist on various occasions to translate and notarize visa documents for my NGOs long-term volunteer program.


The entire EcuaAssist team was timely and professional making them a pleasure to work with. I always communicated specifically with Joana Do Rego and I was happy to have met her; her translations were flawless and she would help me get any necessary documents or receipts in line that I needed to present to my non-profit.


Above and beyond all of that, she was very knowledgeable about the visa process and while my organization took care of that separately, she helped me with valuable advice on a number of occasions!


Highly recommended!"


–Carolyn Engel

 - NGO Manna Project  - Quito, D.M.


Greg Pierman

"I had a great experience with EcuaAssist obtaining a residency VISA here in Ecuador.


Joana and Kelvin showed great patience, were knowledgeable and communicated timely and effectively. They made the process go smoothly! I highly recommend their services!"


–Greg Pierman

 - Oregon  - Quito, D.M.

Michael Gabaudan - United Nations director

"EcuaAssist has provided support to my family in obtaining a retiree residency for my spouse and myself and a student visa for my son. I am thoroughly satisfied with the guidance and assistance I have received from Joana Do Rego who managed my account.


She definitely navigated through the complexities of the new immigration law, providing us with clear information, accurate expectations, and processing documentation efficiently.


All through the exercise Joana was extremely courteous and always responded timely to our queries. I warmly recommend EcuaAssist for transiting visas based on my family’s experience with Joana"


–Michael Gabaudan

Former Director at United Nations in Quito

 - Bruselas  - Tumbaco, Quito, D.M.

Alexander J. Faneite

"Quisiera expresar mi agradecimiento en relación al servicio prestado durante el proceso de visado y el proceso de cedulación.


El acompañamiento fue muy oportuno y grato además de cumplir con las fechas que ofrecieron y que en algunos casos fuimos nosotros que modificamos algún itinerario.


De nuevo reitero las gracias por el apoyo prestado. Sugeriría sus servicios 100%"

–Alexander J. Faneite

 - Edo. Carabobo, Venezuela  - Quito, D.M.


Peter Malach

"My experience with EcuaAssist was very positive. Their patience with me was admirable. I also appreciated how resourceful they were when we ran into hurdles. Alternative solutions were found that would not have occurred to me. "


–Peter Malach

 - Canada  - Perucho, Imbabura Province


Mark & Diana Hampton

"After several delays and differing information from the Ministerio de Exteriores y Movilidad Humana, in what should have been a three-week process from start to finish, we were finally approved to retrieve our visas on Monday, October 1st at 4 PM. Given our experience with the Ministry, I told Kelvin I was “0%”  confident that we would receive our visas that late in the business day. As the officials began to close the doors at about 10 minutes until 5 PM, it appeared I would be proven right.  As we stood there with approximately 40 other people who had been told to come and pick up their Visas that day, Kelvin immediately jumped to the front of the line and began to plead our case.  While the other people were escorted out of the room without their visas, Kelvin managed to secure a pass for us to go to the fifth floor to try and get a resolution.  As it was now after 5 PM and the employees were putting on their jackets and exiting the fifth-floor offices, Kelvin continued to plead our case and he was successful in finding our file while the office clerk was fumbling through literally dozens of visa files.  Once the file was located, a supervisor who was eating to lock the offices, began to print our new visa stamps and it appeared that I was wrong after all and we would leave the offices with our new visa stamps.


We appreciated Kelvin ’s persistence and we left the building with our new visa stamps in hand and thankful that we don’t have to go through that process for 10 more years!


We appreciate the assistance of EcuaAssist in handling this matter for us and look forward to having you help meet our needs in the future.

Sincerely, "


–Mark & Diana Hampton

Indiana - Quito D.M.


Richard & Linda Dailey

"EcuaAssist did a super job helping us receive our residency visa. They continually kept us informed as to what was going on during the process. Provided additional guidance and helpful hints as to moving to Ecuador. I recommend using EcuaAssist to anybody that wants to receive their visa in a fast and professional manner."


–Richard & Linda Dailey

Washington State - Cuenca


Suzanne Crawford

"EcuaAssist was there for me every step of the way when I purchased my home in Ecuador. They were great about answering all of my questions. I felt like they really looked out for my interests. I highly recommend them."


–Suzanne Crawford

Colorado - San Clemente, Manabí


Stirling Family

"Twenty years ago I was a university student and did research in Riobamba, Ecuador. Since that time I have always hoped to return to Ecuador some day. A few years ago my wife and I decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to live in Ecuador for a couple of years with our four young children. Over the years we made preparations and in the summer of 2018 we sold our beautiful home in Idaho, I resigned from a dream job, and we moved to Ecuador with two suitcases for each family member. It hasn't been easy but we are adjusting to the culture and our new life. One thing that has been easy was using EcuaAssist to secure our visas and cédulas. We started working with Joana and Kelvin from the Quito office about six months before we arrived in Ecuador and within two months after arriving we had our visas and cédulas in our hands! I think about the entire process and there is no way that we could have done this on our own. Navigating the government system here would have been impossible for us to figure out. Thank you Joana and Kelvin!


–The Stirling Family

Idaho - Cotacachi



We have used EcuaAssist service on several occasions for a variety of needs, and found them professional, reliable and detailed. It is not easy to navigate legal matters in a foreign country especially given the language and cultural differences with what we are used to. I would continue to use their service, and reach out to them including information about the most current applicable local laws, rules and regulations.


–Wendy Chan

New York 



"EcuaAssist has been of the utmost help with attaining my residency visa. After trying on my own to discover and crawl through the process, I just threw my hands up and went to them for help. They took care of everything! It was so much easier and best of all, it was finally done! They are now helping me with the driver's license process and with a property manner. I can recommend them to you without reservation."


–Michael Bermudez

Texas - Quito


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"My wife and I have had excellent service in getting our visa. At all times our questions were answered promptly and we felt our interests were always paramount. Adriana, in the Manta office, speaking excellent english was a distinct benefit. We will not hesitate to recommend them to others."

–Melvyn and Ghislaine Dackombe

Canada - Mirador San José, Manabí


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"Very professional and well connected legal assistance, provides a wide array of legal services, very happy with EcuaAssist, they helped me buy property, set up my business, and sort through the complexities of hiring local employees as well as assisting with my resident visa and providing informal advice when needed."

–Ross Bright

Massachusetts - Canoa, Manabí


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"Very professional and well connected legal assistance, provides a wide array of legal services, very happy with EcuaAssist, they helped me buy property, set up my business, and sort through the complexities of hiring local employees as well as assisting with my resident visa and providing informal advice when needed."

–Ross Bright

Massachusetts - Canoa, Manabí


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"As U.S. expats living in Olon, Ecuador, we have used EcuaAssist for numerous services, to include real estate, banking and legal recovery. In addition to the excellent services we have received from EcuaAssist we are well aware of friends that are equally pleased with the services that Marcos Chiluisa and other staff have provided at EcuaAssist."

–George & Cindy Thomte

USA - Olón, Santa Elena


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"From the day we contacted EcuaAssist and spoke with Ana regarding obtaining the legal service of Mr. Marcos Chiluisa for assistance on receiving our Temporary Visa, the entire process went so smoothly. You could always expect to be treated with utmost respect and politeness by Mr. Chiluisa and his team members. Throughout the process addressing any questions /concerns were always handled with utmost promptness; weekly update reports were sent as promised. Our experience with EcuaAssist Team and Mr. Chiluisa was top notch and will be using them again for handling any legal issues."

Mark & Becky Kennemer

Texas - Salinas


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"We called upon EcuaAssist before moving to Ecuador because we wanted to obtain permanent professional residency visas , and they guided us along every step of getting the paperwork together before moving. When we moved, they took care of the rest of the process for us.


Now knowing all the time and effort that was involved in the process over several months, we are even more grateful that we hired EcuaAssist. We could not have spent all the time and energy that was required, including the cultural differences.


Joana was incredibly helpful and caring throughout the process, and she pushed the process along exhaustively. We are very grateful to her and to Marcos for their services. And we did receive our permanent professional residency visas! Job well done, guys.


We highly recommend hiring EcuaAssist."


–Jon and Julia Quinn

Virginia - Quito


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"I first met Marcos when I was visiting Canoa. He very graciously agreed to come to Bahia to meet with me. And we started the process of obtaining my 6 month Visa.


Marcos the the EcuaAssist Team not only facilitated my 6 month Visa; but obtained all of the necessary documentation from the USA for me to obtain my Cédula.  (Without my having to return to the States!).


Having never been through an experience like this before, I’m sure I was overly concerned. But, thanks to the patience of Joana Do Rego in the Quito office, I am pleased to say that Marcos and EcuaAssist did an EXCELLENT job! Processing everything in the time frame we had discussed.


If I had it all to do over again, I would not hesitate to hire Marcos and the EcuaAssist Team again."


Ron Splude

California - Baños de Agua Santa


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"Even though I was moving back to Ecuador after an extended stay in the US, I had to once again go through the process of getting a new residency visa and cedula.  I can say that having done it once before doesn't make it any easier the second time, so having the very competent professionals at EcuaAssist guide me through the process was a huge help. You can’t go wrong with EcuaAssist."


Mark Ausburn

Washington State - Quito


residency visa, ecuador, international living, ecuaassist

"I visited Ecuador in early 2016 and knew that this was a place I wanted to call home. However, after taking a trip with my friend to get some paperwork done for a house, I quickly realized how daunting getting a Visa could be. When I went with my friend, we didn't know the process or anyone at the government offices. Therefore, we ended up making about 3 trips back and forth and spending full days in the offices for one piece of paper. I knew I needed help but wasn't sure who or how. I thankfully ended up finding EcuaAssist who made the process easier than I could ever imagine ! They answered all of my questions, did most of the process for me, and were there every step of the way! With EcuaAssis I only had to make 1 trip to the government office; and it took me only 30 minutes ! Thank you EcuaAssist. I am now a proud resident thanks to you!"


Kristina Mancaruso

New York - Guayaquil


"We first met Marcos and the EcuaAssist team two years in 2014 when they were recommended to us by our Realtor for our condo purchase and related legal detail and searches.

The purchase could not have been smoother and Marcos was diligent and efficient in all areas which then led us to develop the relationship further over the following 24 months.

The team helped us set up a bank account.  We obtained a 6 month commercial visa in order to get this and then when we decided to move here this year they also helped with all of the work required for our Residency Visa and Cedula.  They crucially guided us in order to ensure that all of our education details were noted for future use towards a driving licence.

The U.K. requirements are onerous and detailed and so the advice had to be accurate in order for us to proceed successfully.

When we arrived we had our Visa within the week and the Cedula 2 weeks later.

The daunting task of purchasing and registering a car was their next challenge. Marcos sent a member of his team with us in our search and was on speed dial for the entire day to help us through. We achieved the whole purchase within one day. Awesome job.

They have helped with translations, car insurance and soon will be helping us draw up a Will in Ecuador.

Always courteous and quick to respond, we basically cannot fault their attention to detail and service levels which have given them a well deserved award this year.

Highly recommended for support and advice of any kind that may be needed to smooth the path to living in Ecuador with trust and integrity"


Tony and Diane Herbert

United Kingdom - Canoa, Manabí


"Thank you doesn't say enough....


For Diana and me, our moving to Ecuador has been three years of planning and preparation and we only first spoke with you on May 24th of this year as we sought legal counsel for obtaining our residency visas. But from May 24th to this date, I have experienced your professional assistance in obtaining my visa within the timeframe you estimated and, as of yesterday, with the help of your Joana Do Rego, I have my cedula and we look forward to Diana receiving her visa and cedula as my dependent in just a few weeks.  I have had your counsel and assistance in securing our apartment in Quito and even assisting and providing counsel when our moving company was giving us difficulty.


Yesterday and today were spent with Joana and, even when I was having a tough day related to problems with the release of our shipping container, she was patient with my frustration and even more persistent in finalizing my cedula and then filing all the paperwork at three different government offices. She has truly represented your company well.


So, while thank you doesn’t say enough, I don’t know what more to say. Just know that for future dealings with legal matters in Ecuador, you will be my first and only call.


Con muchas gracias, Dr. Chiluisa!"


Mark and Diana Hampton

Indiana - Quito


"I talked about moving to another country for a few months in early 2015. I knew that I wanted to move, but hadn't made up my mind as to where yet. As I began to zero in on Ecuador, I found myself researching the country day after day. I joined Facebook expat groups from all over, gleaning every bit of information I could. The perfect place for me in this beautiful country started to take shape in my mind. I knew that I would be happiest on or near the beach, and devoured everything I could find about the Pacific coast here. 


One of the finalists on my list was the city of Bahia de Caraquez. I spoke to a man there who was renovating an old hostal into apartments, and arranged to rent one of his places. He asked me how I was going to handle my visa applications, and I frankly didn't know the answer at the time. He referred me to an attorney  friend of his whose company helped people get through the process. I was smart enough to follow up with his suggestion and called his friend Marcos in Quito.


Marcos Chiluisa is the owner of EcuaAssist, a company that helps people like me get their Ecuadorean visas and cedulas, among other things. Marcos is a licensed attorney and has offices in Quito, Manta, Bahia de Caraquez and is going to be opening a new one in Salinas soon. He spoke to me on Skype for an hour the first time, and never once did I feel like he was in a rush. He answered every question I had, and made suggestions for things I hadn't thought of.


I signed up with his company and had the pleasure of working with Janine Lux Cueva, from his Bahia office. Janine was more than accommodating in our time working together, and like Marcos, never rushed me when I needed help. She was a "10!".


Marcos and Janine did everything they said they would, on schedule and totally professional. If you're moving to Ecuador, I highly recommend that you speak to Marcos Chiluisa of EcuaAssist for your visa needs. You will never regret your decision!"


Mark Bradbury

Atlanta, Georgia - Olón


"Nancy and I visited Ecuador during the summer of 2015 to explore the possibility of 

retiring here.  We were quite taken by the beauty and character of Bahia de Caraquez and 

decided to spend at least six months in residence here taking time to decide if this was a 

good choice for us.  Our leasing agent suggested we contact EcuaAssist for information on 

the visa process and gave us the contact information.  


We had a Skype conference with attorney Marcos Chiluisa and Janine Lux Cueva on 

September 2, 2015.  We were provided excellent information and guidance on the visa 

process and decided to retain EcuaAssist.  Their fluency in English was critical in our 

decision-making.  The itemized fee and cost estimate was valuable and the weekly email 

updates from Janine let us know we were important as clients.


Working closely via email with Janine Lux Cueva between Santa Fe, NM and Bahia de 

Caraquez, we were able to obtain and submit all of the required documents with required 

approvals in a timely and efficient manner.  We arrived in Bahia de Caraquez to begin our 

residency on January 4, 2016 and were informed by Janine on January 14, 2016 that our 

visas were approved and ready."


Ron Ortiz Dinkel and Nancy Cook

New Mexico - Bahía de Caráquez


"I have been delighted with all the help and professionalism you and Marcos have provided me at Ecuaassist.

You guided me step by step, with much patience, along the path to eventual Ecuadorian citizenship.

It's been a pleasure working with two such open and honest legal friends.

All your fees were detailed in advance and there was not one "gotcha" add on charge.

Your services were affordable and worth every penny.

Needless to say, I've confidently referred Ecuaassist to other expats in need of bilingual legal services.

I wish you both the best in 2016 and beyond."


–Michael Cripe

Oregon- Salinas, Santa Elena


"When I decided to retire in Ecuador, I knew from the start that I would need legal help with my German origin, a Canadian passport, and having lived and worked in Taiwan for 13+ years especially as Taiwan has no official connection to Ecuador.


My time in Asia showed me how important the acceptance and respect of cultural differences are. In Asian countries as in Latin American ones relationships are much more important than is generally the case in North American and northern European countries. Therefore, using a lawyer for the visa application is for me (having lived and worked on 3 continents) not just about using local knowledge, but much more about relying on existing relationships in this situation given that I would have not have had the time to build them myself.


Through careful research, I found the best lawyer for me: Marcos Chiluisa from EcuaAssist, who was the only one who was willing to explore my complex situation further before sending me the first bill. We had a long SKYPE talk and decided to go ahead. I was very satisfied with our progress and even had with him and his assistant Adriana (both speaking excellent English) trusted companions along my way.


I would recommend EcuaAssist to anyone interested in a smooth process."


–Vera Von Weltin

Germany- Canada-Taiwan- Loja, Loja




Al and Jane May

Tennessee - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


"Ecuaassist has helped my transition to Ecuador in so many ways!  Yes, there a lot of things you can "do yourself," however, the Ecuaasist team will save you the headache of going through the process alone.  They are extremely professional and are bi-lingual, which is instrumental when you first move down to Ecuador and don't speak the language well.  I have used their services for visas, buying and selling land, selling a business and  the hiring and liquidating of employees.  The process is just easier with the Ecuaassist team.  Thanks for all you do!"


–Maija Stromberg

Alaska-Canoa, Manabí




Keith Crawford Video Testimonial

Texas - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


"After finishing two years of service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador, I decided I wanted to stay in this amazing country. Unfortunately, switching from a diplomatic visa (and passport!) to a professional visa is not the simplest thing in the world. In the span of a month the EcuaAssist team helped me switch between two different passports and three visas while I was snorkeling with turtles in the Galapagos and trekking to Machu Picchu. By the time I got back to Ecuador, my professional visa had been approved and I was ready to legally work in the country. They also helped me get my cédula and open a bank account. Even being a Spanish-speaker, I never could have navigated these complex bureaucratic processes on my own. Thank you SO MUCH to Marcos, Adriana, and Serena for making this process completely pain-free while I traveled with no worries. I will trust you with any and all legal help in the future. "


–Rachel Good

Alexandria, VA-Quito, Ecuador


"I have been coming to Bahia since 2009 and have lived most of the last 5 years here. During that time I have used Ecuaassist for 2 real estate purchases and 1 real estate sale, 2 power of attorneys and for assistance in obtaining residency.


Every interaction I have had with Ecuaasist, and Marcos Chiluisa in particular, has been handled professionally and ethically. They were thorough and made everything easy for me. They were able to get my FBI and California legal reports for me from Ecuador, which others told me were impossible to get without going back to the US. Everyone I have recommended Ecuaassist to has also had very good experiences with them.


I would also like to say that Ecuaassist has helped me with all sorts of other problems that have come up during my time in Ecuador. Every time I have had any sort of problem, big or small, I have been able to go to Ecuaassist and they have helped with everything. I don't know how to stress how important that has been in my life. All kinds of things happen here, and I don't know the language or culture that well. Ecuaasist has helped me with every single problem I have had, every single time, making my life easier and less stressful. "


–Aggie Carter

California-Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


"After being in Bahia for only 24 hours we decided that this was the place for us. Having already gone through the process of attaining residency in Bolivia we knew that this was going to be a long drawn out effort with many pit falls and ever increasing costs. We were told by many people to use eEcuaAssist as all that had used them were happy with the outcome and costs. We met up at their office in Bahia and gave them our apostiled documents from London, and all was well apart from our marriage certificate that was issued in Costa Rica. This was always going to be a problem but was sorted out quickly. A few weeks later and off to Guayaquil to be fingerprinted and mugshot taken, a short wait and we received our cedulas! 


We would like to take this oppourtunity to thank all the staff at EcuaAssist who really did make the process so easy and hassle free. Not only would we recommend them to anyone seeking visas but we will use them again for any legal advise we require in the future."


–J and S Davies

United Kingdom-Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí




Jim Petersen Video Testimonial

Wisconsin - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí




Ursula Strauss Video Testimonial

New Mexico - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


“The attorney that all have used is Marcos Chiluisa of EcuaAssist.  In addition, several lot owners have used him for numerous other legal issues as well.  We have all found him to be reasonably priced, professional and ethical. (he is on the President's council to eliminate corruption in the legal system) - all of these things are rare to find in an attorney here (or anywhere else, for that matter). 


In addition, he and all his staff are fluent in English.  In short, all of us who have used him can highly recommend him - "


–Las Palmas, Property Owners

Puerto Cayo, Manabí


“My husband Dean and I are from the states and we went to Bahia in June 2014 for the first time.  We were on an adventure to find the “right” retirement location for us down the road.  I can easily say within the first 48 hours in Bahia we were both in love with the place.  We were no longer interested in looking at other places; we had found our destination to call home for retirement.  We have personally had numerous events with Marcos and the staff at EcuaAssist that really blew us away with their level of commitment and customer service.  On that first visit we actually got to meet with Marcos (this might not sound like a big deal but remember we were on an adventure so this was not a pre-arranged meeting, he made time for us).  He laid out a very easy plan for us to get the ball rolling.  We have closed on a property and two parcels of land in Manabí, all within a three-month period. 



Marcos and the staff at EcuaAssist have been a blessing to us and we could not have accomplished everything in the short amount of time without their help.  If you’re looking for a proactive, detail oriented, and bilingual staff with timely follow-ups then EcuaAssist is the right fit for you.  One last comment as it relates to the level of customer service you will receive from them.  We closed on a property in December so their job was really done, however, they emailed us to remind us of the property taxes that were due in January…that’s the extra step they will go to be sure you get started on the right foot in Ecuador. 



A huge “THANK YOU” to Marcos and the staff for a job well done!  We look forward to working with EcuaAssist again!"


–Dean and Rebecca Riede

Atlanta - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


I came to Ecuador with all my 'ducks in a row' (or so I thought) to apply for my investor residency visa using my property. That is until my first application (on my own) revealed an error in the way my developer processed my deed that made my purchase invalid for my visa!  That sent me on a frantic scramble to apply for an extension visa and then figure out how to correct it.  The first (well known) attorney I was referred to was a nightmare!  I went to him because he spoke English, but he pushed me off on to his office staff every time I contacted him and none of them did!  Not to mention I was "summoned" to Manta (over an hour bus ride away) for numerous minor things and trips to the visa office.  I constantly had to stay on top of him to try to get anything done or I was forgotten about.  Then a friend told me of the wonderful visa experience they had with Marcos and EcuaAssist.  I thought it was too late for me, but finally met with Marcos and found that I could take what the other attorney had done to that point and let him finish it.  After that, I signed a power of attorney and never had to be drug to the visa office again!  His office staff (Serena and Adriana) both spoke fluent English and were always helpful and responsive - they even sent me a weekly update with the status of my case. In the end they solved my property/visa fiasco and I am now finally a proud resident of Ecuador!  


I have and will continue to recommend Marcos and EcuaAssist and will continue to consult them for all my legal needs.” 


Mary Chandler

Texas - Puerto Cayo, Manabí

“Having lived in Ecuador for 3 years and working with numerous lawyers, I recently had the pleasure to work Marcos and EcuaAssist to change my current Visa to a permanent one.    The entire process was by far the smoothest and fastest I’ve taken part in and I highly recommend EcuaAssist to anyone looking for assistance in getting a permanent Visa in Ecuador.   Thank you Marcos and I’m looking forward to working with you on many more projects.” 


Robert Ross

Washington D.C. - Montañita, Santa Elena



"Crisis avoided…


Sitting having my coffee in Bahia, I discovered to my horror that I was literally at the 89th day of my 90 day Tourist Visa. This as a result of my misinterpreting the general regulations. That said, I walked into the EcuaAsist office and rather than the terrible news I expected (having to leave the Country , Fines, Banning etc.), I was instead met with an absolute calm and reassurance by Alicia Pacelli (Office Mgr.-Bahia). Alicia got to work immediately, making the right calls and instructed me on what I needed and where to find it…which were easy to obtain. After gathering the items within an hour, I returned to the office to hear that my file was already in the works with their Manta office!  It was Friday at 12pm and if I did not act now, I would not be able to do this in time as the Government offices would be closed for the weekend. I drove to Manta (under an hour), and was greeted by yet another awesome person Adriana Rosado who had a very professional looking file with my name on it- ready to go.  After literally just five minutes of speaking and signing prepared documents, Adriana accompanied me personally to the Ministerio office minutes away. This process took a total of thirty minutes and I was done!...I had my 6 month visa extension and temporary papers in hand! The next big surprise was: I was told that I need not do anything else as they (EcuaAssist), would be picking up my passport with visa stamp incorporated when it was done…then they would be delivering it to me in Bahia!


I simply can’t say enough about how this Company went above and beyond to do what would certainly have been very difficult in normal timeframes and impossible in my situation. Alicia and Adriana are clearly pro’s at what they do and more so, a couple of truly beautiful people!"



Kevin Haughton

North Bay, Canada - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


"Getting any types of visa for foreigners is not always easy. Especially for Asians like me with completely different social and educational systems, it would be even harder. 


Even with the all necessary documents prepared, without enough knowledge and experience, sometimes things do not work out.


With very kind and detailed assistance of EcuaAssist staff, all the process for visa application went smoothly and I could finally obtain the residence visa and cédula. Thank you so much especially to Marcos for all your help and kindness. It was my pleasure getting to know you and I am very proud to be an ecuadorian resident. If you have any problem, EcuaAssist is the one to ask for help :) Muchas Gracias! "



Japan - Quito D.M.

"My documents were compiled months in advance of my departure.  I was ready to proceed with my visa & cedula immediately.  Do you recall 'the best laid plans of mice and men'?  It frequently takes such little things to pull the rug out from under you.


I met Kelsey Gottschalk at a meeting sponsored by EcuaAssist for people seeking help with their visas.  She is an American who speaks fluent Spanish.  The fact that I would be able to clearly comprehend the entire process was a huge asset.  Her business partner, Marcos Chiluisa is a practicing attorney & Ecuadorian citizen.  They were the perfect pair to walk me through the maze.


In their competent hands it was completed in a short time frame & at a very fair cost.  I consider myself very lucky to have found them & I would highly recommend them on visa & numerous other issues that they handle."


You can email me at



Chicago, Illinois - Cuenca, Azuay


"I have just received my Resident Visa and Cedula for Ecuador and am ecstatic. When I arrived in Cuenca I had not prepared in any way for this process. Kelsey Gottschalk and her colleagues at EcuaAssist advised me as to what I should provide and took care of everything else. I happily and fully recommend EcuaAssist for their expertise, honesty, and friendliness."


You can email me at



California - Cuenca, Azuay

"My husband Duane and I moved to Ecuador just a few months ago. We had gotten our Visa’s beforewe met Marcos and there were definitely some bumps along the road. We were not looking forward to the next step which was obtaining our cedulas. We had also purchased a car and needed to get it registered and the insurance updated as well. We met with Marcos and discussed how all this would take place and what the fee would be. He explained everything in detail sent us an invoice to look over and agree to and the rest is history! He took care of everything. The car was legal in a day or 2 from our meeting. Yea! Another thing to check off our to do list. Next a trip to Guayaquil to get our cedulas. Marcos and his staff had taken care of all the necessary paperwork within the week and when we went to the Registry office the following Monday with Marcos it went perfectly. It was a great experience all the way around. Starting over in a new country can be quite a challenge. It is so comforting to have someone that you can easily communicate with. Marcos and the rest of the staff were always, friendly, helpful and of course professional. We will certainly use Marcos and EccuaAssit for any future assistance we need and would highly recommend him to others"



California - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí

"Jim and I are the proud owners of the first issued 2014 Ecuadorian residency pensioner visas, thanks to the diligent professional work of Marcos (& also his staff)! We encourage others who would like to accomplish this goal in their personal lives to use the Ecuaassist Services with complete confidence. Likewise, Kelsey walked us through every step of the way in Cuenca until we had our cedula's in hand! We are now relaxing with ease, knowing that our residency is in place, within a short period of time after arriving here. When you are in the process of transitioning to Ecuador, you can know this part of the journey will be a smooth one, as clients of Ecuaassist. We gifted ourselves this trusted relationship with Marcos and Kelsey. They and their staff are there for you as well! We will continue to consult with them for advise and legal matters while enjoying life here in Ecuador. Best wishes… Jim and Bev Petersen"



Wisconsin - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí

"Our move to Ecuador from the USA in the summer of 2013 and to secure our residency with a pensioners visa were excellent decisions for us.  Our third decision was to hire Marcos with EcuaAssist to help us with the process.  Marcos has an excellent command of the laws and rules associated with the residency process.  His ability to effectively communicate with us on a timely basis was outstanding.  We found him to be honest and straight forward in answering our many questions.  


We were equally impressed with the work Kelsey did for us in securing our cédillas.  Not only did she manage the process with a high level of professionalism, but we also got a great mini tour of Cuenca.  


Moving internationally can be stressful as well as exciting, but having trusted advisors like Marcos and Kelsey make a real difference.  It is without reservation that we recommend the legal service offered by EcuaAssist."


Indiana - Canoa, Manabí

"I had a very challenging situation with my visa. Marcos was so patient and understanding. He walked me through the process, held my hand during the many trips we made to Manta and was always reassuring and positive of the outcome. The experience showed me that Marcos and Sean value their clients. I now go to Marcos for all my legal matters and questions. Everyone in the office is competent and helpful. I can not say enough good things about EcuaAssist and recommend them to anyone who has questions about life in Ecuador or needs assistance with legal matters of Ecuador. One word....Integrity!"


Missouri - Canoa, Manabí

"My experience with EcuaAssist exceeded my expectations. Some of my Expat friends recommended several different options in my quest to obtain my visa and Cedula that were less money, but when I met with Marcos Chiluisa his professionalism convinced me that EcuaAssist was the way to go. It proved to be a very wise decision. I got my visa and Cedula in a timely manner and they went above and beyond the services promised by helping me with an issue I had with my passport on my entry into Ecuador. I highly recommend EcuaAssist to anyone seeking skilled and experienced help for any Expat issues. Marcos, Sean and their staff care for their clients and they know how to get it done."

Email me at:


California - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí

Las Olas, Ecuador, Bahia de Caráquez, ecuador vacation homes, bahia de caraquez

“Marcos,Today i received my visa and I'm very happy I want to thank you for your leadership in this instance and i have already begun to edify your services to likes of people in Montanita. You can be my Attorney any day:)).


A few close calls with police checking my passport last night on the bus but all is well, sitting down with a beer and a smile.Cheers”



Australia - Montañita, Santa Elena

Las Olas, Ecuador, Bahia de Caráquez, ecuador vacation homes, bahia de caraquez

“Marcos's willingness to answer questions, spend time and want to cause the customer to feel comfortable even before monies are exchanged is commendable. Even more! When the final accounting took place he was more than honest as to what his staff needed to accomplish to make my 9-1 visa application acceptable. Therefore, the final cost was about 21% less than what he quoted. I will be using Marcos for my future legal needs when I return as a permanent resident in Decembre. Thank you and best of business luck.”



North Carolina - Olón, Santa Elena

Las Olas, Ecuador, Bahia de Caráquez, ecuador vacation homes, bahia de caraquez

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of the Ecuaassist team.  Whether helping with the purchase of property, assisting with the formation of a new company, preparing powers of attorney, or offering general legal advice, Marcos and his team at Ecuaassist have proven to be a competent and reliable resource that have allowed me to successfully navigate an unfamiliar legal and business environment.  In addition, the fully bilingual capability of the Ecuaassist has been a key to the ongoing success with my Ecuadorean ventures.”


Ontario - Bahía de Caráquez



Las Olas, Ecuador, Bahia de Caráquez
Briceño, canoa, bahia de caráquez, las olas


"I would like to give a great, big THANK YOU to Sean Carter, Marcos Chiluisa, and Donald Murray Sr. at EcuaAssist...for doing the impossible...... EcuaAssist SOLD OUR PROPERTY!!!"


Chicago - Briceño, Manabí

Las Olas, Ecuador, Bahia de Caráquez


“Thanks to you and your team for helping Angela and I buy our new home in Bahia! You and your staff are friendly and professional and provide keen guidance on such legal matters. I highly recommend your services, Marcos and I look forward to continuing our business dealings in the future.”


Estados Unidos - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí

Cuenca, ecuaassist, bahia de caráquez, expat, cedula, visa

    I started to assemble my 9.1 Pension package while still in the USA.  A list was suggested to be completed before entering Ecuador.

    Once I arrived, Marcos Chiluisa of EcuaAssist helped to complete my application in his Bahia location for submission to the Ministerio Office in Manta.  He provided a full, complete review of the documents submitted and his office provided all the translations necessary. Some oversights were noted, then corrected in a timely fashion without additional expense.

    Marcos was confident that once all paperwork was completed, the package would be accepted by the Ministerial Office in Manta.  It was accepted and I received my Ecuadorian Visa about 3 weeks later and currently now have my Cedula, which was obtained here in Cuenca.

    The experience on guiding, directing and providing advice to obtain my visa has been a smooth and enjoyable experience with him and office staff. The answers to any questions asked, were always direct and accurate during those meetings. He has been professional in answering any questions that arose and was available in a timely manor for the meetings scheduled.

    If further questions arise or additional information is necessary,

I am available by email at:


Florida - Cuenca, Azuay


Germany, surtrek, tourism, quito, ecuador, bahia de caraquez

Thanks to EcuaAssist I finally got my residency! They took care of everything. The service was excellent and the staff is very nice and profesional.  Special thanks to Marcos and Kelsey, without your help I could not have stayed in Ecuador!!!


Germany - Quito

Bahia de Caráquez, ecuador, canada, expat

    Jean & I had traveled a lot, but nowhere was it necessary to have more than a passport. The USA, Japan, Bermuda, Barbados, etc. We were advised of the need of Visas, Registration of them, and Cedulas, in order to live for prolonged periods in Ecuador.  Little did we know.....

    Well, I had lots of time on my hands, after all I was retired, and considered myself handy with a computer so I figured it would be just a matter of logging on and choosing the right department to visit and getting everything over and done with in very short order. Was I wrong!

   After much time wasted  searching I realized that more expertise than I possessed was needed. I soon discovered that a myriad of companies offered such services. I contacted most of them.  All offered much the same agenda, and all but one required an upfront deposit of several hundred dollars. The sole exception was EcuaAssist, located in Bahia de Caraquez, and Cuenca.

    These folks gave me an itemized list of prices and what had to be done at each phase. They also mentioned that we would be accompanied by a fully bilingual person who would walk us through the entire process. They did not mentioned the formidable interrelationship they had already established with local authorities. That, alone, probably saved us considerable frustration by eliminating many return trips.

               What could have been a very gruelling, drawn-out unpleasant few weeks turned out to be a walk in the park and an ocassion for meeting some extremely likeable professional operators. Both Jean & myself will use their services without hesitation whenever we can. Our fondest appreciation goes out to Sean, Marcos, Kelsey, and Danna for a job well done.


Vancouver - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


Canada, ecuador, construction, remodelation, canoa, bahia, ecuador, ecuaassist

"I have been doing business with EcuaAssist for over two years now and they have assisted me in many different types of transactions….property purchase and closings, residency visa application, numerous vehicle registrations just to name a few…..while dealings with different Ecuadorian government agencies can be a challenge at times and an ever moving target of change, my experience with the EcuaAssist owners and staff has been that they have always stuck to it until all paperwork and details are finalized and completed…..Thanks for all of your assistance in the past and I know I am far from done needing more Ecua Assistance in the future."


Vancouver- Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí


Bahia de Caráquez

“We cannot say enough good things about Kelsey. She is spot-on with everything that she does. She listens, which is something hard to find in a gal so young! And she remembers what you tell her. And smart doesn’t even come close! Quite an intelligent young lady. You have certainly picked the right person to start up EcuaAssist in Cuenca.”


New York - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí

Bahia, ecuaassist, las olas, retirement, book, amazon, international living

“All services for the expat: Visa, Cedula, starting a business, real estate closings, real estate sales, rental properties, completing national health insurance registration for new arrivals, escrow services, property management, taxation issues and probably more; and they speak English and Spanish. New office recently opened in Cuenca with other new openings on the near horizon. This Sean Carter guy is a damned dynamo!”


International Living Correspondent

Florida - San Vicente, Manabí

Jama, lochnicht, ecuador, bahia, ecuaassist


This letter is my personal testimonial as to the service and personnel of ECUAASSIST.
    FIRST, a little bit about me: I came to ECUADOR in 2007 in search of the good things and a good life.  I have purchased land and needed the services of a good lawyer and law firm.  It took me a little time to find one that could help me with my needs.  I am pleased to say that ECUAASSIST / MARCOS  CHILUISA, SEAN CARTER and their office staff have served me well.  As I am in the United States, it is extremely important that I can rely on and trust the firm of ECUAASSIST.

    They impressed me from day one, with answering my questions and finding answers for others that I had.  I was filled with confidence as paperwork was detailed and emails were answered in a timely manner.  I will continue using the law firm ECUAASSIST as of the time of this letter (6-2013), and in the future as they are local for my needs on the MANABI COAST.

In closing, I would like to recommend ECUAASSIST LAW FIRM, their owners and staff, for any of your legal needs while doing business in ECUADOR .

    Sincerely, JOHN LOCHNICHT, proud  client of  ECUASSIST – BAHIA DE CARAQUEZ.”



Florida - Jama, Manabí

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