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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us…


"Several years ago I purchased a piece of property in Montanita with the intent of building a house. Since I decided to continue living in the United States I made the decision to sell my land. My trusted friend agreed to do that for me but in order to do so I needed to have not only a power of attorney written in Spanish but an apostille as well. It was impossible to get that in the States so a friend recommended EcuaAssist. I had a Zoom meeting with Marcos Chiluisa and he connected me with Ana Icaza in the Salinas office. I hold her I would be in Ecuador in a few weeks and everything was taken care of very quickly, we were in constant contact by email and when I arrived the papers were completed and ready to sign. Their assistant Melina Encalada speaks perfect English and was wonderful as well. The entire process was seamless and I could not have been happier. EcuaAssist provides a great service for expats and I highly recommend them."

–Davida Julian

United States of America - Salinas

What to Do in Cuenca, Ecuador on a Budget - AllTheRooms - The Vacation Rental Experts_edit

"I couldn´t be happier with my experience using EcuaAssist Cuenca in order to obtain my visa and cedula. I was given full transparency into the entire process and was provided with the accurate information needed to proceed from the start. I highly recommend this wonderful team (Danna Encalada was my point person) for anyone dealing with the arduous process of seeking out an Ecuadorian Visa. I was even guided through the process in picking up my cedula-- Danna met me at the Cuenca offices and literally walked me through that process as well. Well worth my time and money-- I couldn´t have done it without their help!"

–Alexandra Ragheb


Lauzon pic_edited.jpg

"Ana and Melina from EcuaAssist Salinas were very helpful and supportive throughout my process. Highly recommend their immigration service for the extremely complicated Ecuadorian system. Definitely worth every penny."

–Nick Lauzon

Canada - Salinas

JJ Simoneaux_edited.jpg

"I recently have had the distinct pleasure of using EcuaAssist’s services in getting my 2 year temporary residency visa in Ecuador. I was particularly fortunate to have Serena Macias in the Quito office as my advisor and facilitator. I suppose it is entirely possible to manage wading through the somewhat burdensome process that is involved but I can truthfully say that without Serena’s knowledge of the system and her patient advice to me throughout I don’t think I would have succeeded! She was always prompt in replying to my questions and always a delight to communicate with. I was so happy to finally meet her in person when I went to apply for my cedula and, again, I’m so thankful for her presence and guidance through that whole process. Unfortunately, at the time, it ended with me being issued a cedula number but not the physical card since they were out of the necessary supplies. They said someone would call me to inform me when the card was ready. After waiting almost a month and a half Serena happened to go to the Registry with another client and inquired about mine. Thank God she did! She was told that it was ready even though no one from the office called to inform me!! Oh well one does learn to be patient when dealing with Ecuadorian bureaucracy! Thank you EcuaAssist and, especially, thank you Serena Macias for your dedication in helping ex-pats transition to life here in Ecuador! I heartily recommend their services to anyone seeking to move to Ecuador!!."

–JJ Simoneaux

United States of America - Quito

Jamar y Ramona Winder_edited.png

"My wife and I moved to the Quito, Ecuador from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We were hesitant to do the residency visa process alone in Ecuador and sought assistance from EcuaAssist. Serena from EcuaAssist was very helpful through the process. She ensured we had the necessary documents and kept us informed with updates and appointments. In the end, we received our temporary residency visas and cédulas within three weeks of arriving in Ecuador which was much faster than expected. We are very satisfied with our experience with EcuaAssist and would recommend their services to anyone seeking assistance with the immigration process to Ecuador."

–Jamar & Ramona Winder

Dominican Republic - Quito


"I have been living in Ecuador full-time since early 2016. From the outset, Ecuasssist has been a valued resource, service, and in many ways, a friend. I’ve gotten to know Marcos, Ana, and everyone at the office in Salinas, and they have never failed to provide me with timely and expert advice.

They have helped me with various topics, (not solely legal), and have been very forthright in what they can do to help. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

–Lloyd Starratt

United States of America - Montañita


"Thank you so much for your services. 


It was a positive experience for me. You were fast reliable and professional. 

I will be contacting you for next time when I apply for temporary residency."

–George Tayali

Manta - Manabí


"We think Ecuaassist provides a wonderful service and we have recommended you to our friends that we’ve met here in Ecuador.
The process of the visa extension online is fast and easy and we feel secure knowing Ecuaassist is handling this for us.  We do it all from our living room and we don’t have to travel to the bank or migration office.  The price is fair for the peace of mind and quick service that we receive. 
Muchas gracias!"

–Lori Ann Cook and John Hayden

Canada - Manabí

Lynne Allen photo 2.jpg

"I worked with EcuaAssist on two matters, one relating to my visa and one general legal issue. I highly recommend them. You explain what you need, they send you a written summary of what they will do and how much it will cost, and that is all you have to pay, no surprises. I wish I had discovered them sooner in my 13 years in Ecuador!"

–Lynne Allen

United States of America - Salinas

Keith and Elizabeth MacFarlane photo.jpg

"We found ecuaassist using a Google search when we were living in canada and planning our move.  They were very helpful telling us about the quirks of ecuadorian immigration.   We were able to arrive in 2020 with all the required paperwork.   They held our hands through all the steps of temporary and permanent residency.   They made all the appointments and even handled making the payments to the immigration people which was a big time saver.  We have had many friends here run into delays and problems with their immigration journey, ecuaassist was more expensive than doing it ourselves,  but the reduced stress was worth it to us."

–Keith & Elizabeth MacFarlane

United States of America - Salinas

Randy Rezka.jpg

"As an expat in a strange country,one always wishes he had someone to call for help when things pop up. Marcos Chiliusa,has created that with his company Ecuassist in Ecuador. A call to his company and the incredible people that assist him,is always reassuring,no matter what your situation. We have relied on Ecuassist for everything from immigration to banking,to realestate transactions. I have dealt mainly with the Salinas office and the people I have dealt with have been nothing short of incredible. Highly recommend their services to all folks in Ecuador."

–Randy Rezka

Canada - Olón

Bryan Davella_edited.jpg

"I had a great experience with EcuaAssist who helped me obtain my temporary residency visa. The process is a lengthy, frustrating and unclear one, however EcuaAssist made everything as smooth as possible by providing constant updates and facilitating all necessary appointments and preparation of paperwork that is needed. Ana was always available when I needed some additional guidance and always pointed me in the right direction when I had any questions or was unsure of any part of the process. I recommend to anyone thinking of going through the visa process to consider working with EcuaAssist, it will save you hours of frustration and let you focus on other things in your life!"

–Bryan Davella

United States of America - Salinas

Bruce Smit.JPG

"My name is Bruce Smit and I used Ecuaassist’s services for my 90 day extension and my temporary resident visa. The processes went very smoothly with no stress on my part. I will definitely use them in the future, as I need them! I highly recommend Eccuaassist for all of your visa needs!!"

–Bruce Smit

United States of America - Salinas


"The services provided by EcuaAssist have been invaluable for me as an American who owns a house in Ecuador. They have helped me set up my utility services such as my electricity, water, wifi service as well as opening a bank account for me in Ecuador.  


Without the countless services that they provide to expats and foreigners who plan to live in Ecuador or purchase a property in Ecuador, expats like myself would not have a clue on how to proceed to resolve their issues, since Spanish is mainly spoken in Ecuador.  


Thus, I'm indebted to EcuaAssist for the vital services that they provide to foreigners and expats like myself.

–Curtis Jue

Georgia, USA - Salinas

–Deneen Hicks

Manta - Manabí

–John Williams

Santa Marianita - Manabí

–Andrew Sweeny

San Clemente - Manabí

–Charles Hicks

Manta - Manabí

Milaina Larsen EcuaAssist Ecuador Visas.

"Our agent at EcuaAssist was great in helping get my residency and our son's citizenship. Everyone we dealt with was very professional, courteous, and prompt to respond to any questions or issues we may have. The Ecuadorian legal system is anything but straightforward, and EcuaAssist was essential in helping guide us through the process. We were very glad we decided to use their services rather than attempt it on our own."


Thank you again for all your help. I hope you're staying safe and sane during this difficult time!

–Milaina Larsen

Canada - Manabí

EcuaAssist Ecuador Visa.jpeg

"EcuaAssist helped me with a property closing right before Christmas. Very helpful and clear. Much appreciated assistance from Michaela and colleagues.


Will return when we are ready for visa process."

–Laura Hertzog

New Jersey - San Clemente, Manabí

EcuaAssist EcuadorVisas Ecuador

"We were very pleased with the service of EcuaAssist. They were very knowledgeable and
offered suggestions that were a great advantage to us.


The senior discount certainly saved us
money and will in the future. Thank you! The tax discount was even greater than expected."


–Steve Harned & Scott Baldwin

Canada - Montañita, Santa Elena


"I bought a house in Ecuador with EcuaAssist. Everything went smoothly and effortlessly on my part.


Their assistance has been fabulous. They have guided me through each step, plus helping
me finish the registration of my deed. I thank them very much for their time and guidance to me."


–Geraldine Smout

3 times EcuaAssist client

Salinas, Santa Elena

Ecuador Visas EcuaAssist.jpg

"Staff was very professional and courteous. Weekly update were sent to keep us informed of
the process. We have used this agency for temporary and permanent visas.


They handled a few hiccups along the way very well for us.


We plan on using this service again."


–Ginny & Allen Mindrum

Cincinnatti, U.S.A.- Salinas, Santa Elena

EcuadorVisas EcuaAssist.jpg

"Nous sommes très satisfaits des services rendus par EcuaAssist et nous les recommandons fortement. Merci à toute l'équipe"


–Jasmin Binette y Martine Tremblay

Canada - Mirador de San José, Manabí

Ecuador Visas.jpg

"We moved to Ecuador in mid-October of 2019 We used EcuaAssist to obtain our visas, cédulas, and health insurance. They were with us every step of the way guiding us through the maze of government offices 


The staff is friendly, very well trained, and speaks excellent English Highly recommend them if you are planning to move to this beautiful country


Thank you EcuaAssist for a job well done!!!!"


–Ellen & Doug Schulz

United States of America - Manta, Manabí

Soraya and Matt Wilks.jpg

"We used EcuaAssist to assist in the closing on 2 pieces of property. It was near the end of the year and in Ecuador as many of you know things come to a standstill during the holidays. We did not want the stress of worrying about closing hanging over our heads for a month.


Both Ana and Melina were very helpful and always ready to go the extra mile. They accomplished what many would have thought to be impossible and we ended up closing on both properties in less than one week (during the holidays)!


–George & Teressa Culli

United States of America - Salinas, Santa Elena Province

Soraya, Matt, and Ollie.jpg

"We first started doing our research about living in Ecuador 3 years ago, and we knew we made the right choice with EcuaAssist as their name came up in almost every conversation we had with other Expats.

They were thorough, responsive, and always had our best interest in mind.


We had a great experience and would use them again in the future! A big thanks to Marcos and Adriana for all the help and support they provided us."


–Soraya, Matt & Ollie Wilks

Toronto, Canada - Puerto Cayo, Manabí

Robert Hoffman

"I recently had the opportunity to use the services of EcuaAssist, Manta office.


I could not be more pleased with the services I received from them. I had required the assistance of an expert in Ecuadoran law for a property transfer. EcuaAssist handle the situation expertly and promptly.


I would, and plan to, use their services again"


–Robert J. Hoffman

Summerfield, FL. United States of America - Crucita, Manabí

Brian and Angie Hoffman

"This is to let you know that we appreciate your excellent and professional services in helping us to
obtain our visa extensions. Last year it was great and we are happy to be seeking your assistance again this year. You make the whole process painless.



–Brian and Angie Gaudet

Canada - Mirador San José, Manabí

Randy Potvin

"Ecuassist has been very friendly and professional and has helped us with all paperwork and details when we bought our condo in Canoa. They have kept us well informed about all the process I have used the services of EcuaAssist a number of times. The services I have used range from interpreter services to transferring my resident visa to my new passport. The first time was helping me register for health insurance with IESS. EcuaAssist services proved invaluable for this. You have no history with the Ecuadorian Social Security Administration, IESS, so you can't successfully answer the questions when you try to sign up online. The second time was helping me with an issue with my bank.  And the last time was assisting me with the transfer of my resident visa to my new passport.

The Manta location is convenient for me and the people are great to work with. They take the time to understand what you need, and what you think you need may not be what you really need. They explain what is going to happen and why it needs to happen that way. And they really go the extra mile. I needed a report from Immigration as part of the requirement for transferring my resident visa. Typically, you go to the Immigration office, get a payment slip, go to a bank and pay the fee, get a receipt and then go back to the Immigration office and request the report. When 
I showed up at the EcuaAssist office for my appointment, I found that they had already done those steps and we could go to the Immigration office and request the report. That is full service.

The next time I can't solve a problem on my own, I'll be back to the EcuaAssist office in Manta."


–Randy Potvin

United States of America - Manta, Manabí

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