After my meetings with Customs’ people to confirm the new system to apply from now on to clear the Household goods & Work Equipment shipments for Expats, I am ready to receive your consult to my email:

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Household goods’ foreigners. No. Bulletin: 116-2018 | Valid> 26569 Dispatch - IMPORTS Valid to: June 13, 2018 | Published: June 13, 2018 Issued by: Directorate for Continuous Improvement and Regulations

Article 125, letter b) of the Organic Code of Production, Commerce and Investment, establishes the exemption of taxes on household goods and work equipment, except for fees for customs services.

Article 212 of the Regulation on the Title of Customs Facilitation for Commerce of Book V of the COPCI, provides: "Household goods and Work Equipment. - Household goods and tools or work equipment shall be considered as property belonging to the people who enter the country with the intention of domiciled in it, according to the quantities, terms, limits and conditions established by the Executive Decree and other applicable rules that on this matter are expressly issued. These goods will enter the country, imported for consumption and exempt from payment of all taxes on foreign trade, in accordance with subparagraph b) of Article 125 of the Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investment. "

Resolution No. SENAE-SENAE-2013-030-RE provides for household goods for foreigners, with the exception of vehicle imports.

Considering that the exemption of taxes on foreign trade in the importation of household goods and work equipment contemplated in the COPCI and its Regulations, does not exclude foreigners, for such cases the provisions of Resolution No. SENAE-DGN-2013-0030-RE will continue to be applied.

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