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Permanent residence visas have also undergone significant changes since the new laws have come into effect. The first change is in regards to the amount of time you must stay before applying for a permanent residence visa in Ecuador. The new law states that those who would like to apply for the permanent residence visa must have stayed in Ecuador for a minimum of 21 months continually, prior to the application date of the permanent residence visa. This change to the law is very important to take into account if the foreigner plans to obtain permanent residence or eventually pursue Ecuadorian citizenship.

Another change regarding the permanent residence visa relates to the fines for those who have stayed more than 180 days outside of Ecuador each year during the first two years. The fine is 50% of the unified basic salary (minimum wage) of Ecuador, which is $200 USD for the year 2021.

It is also important to mention the duration of stay a person who holds the permanent residence visa can reside outside of Ecuador:

1. Up to 180 days every year, for the first two years from the date of issue of the permanent residence visa.

2. After the second year, the holder may reside outside the country for up to two years.

Below are the conditions that a foreigner must meet to obtain a permanent residence visa:

Article 63. Permanent Residence. – This is the migration article that authorizes a stay in the national territory indefinitely as long as at least one of the following conditions is met:

a.- A completion of a legal, twenty-one month continuous stay in Ecuador and submission of the corresponding application prior to the expiration of the previous visa held, in accordance with the provisions and regulations of this law.

b.- A contracted marriage or legally recognized common law with an Ecuadorian citizen or foreign person with permanent residence.

c.- A foreign child, adolescent or persons with a disability whose dependant is an Ecuadorian citizen or foreign person with permanent residence.

d.- A relative within two degrees of lineage of an Ecuadorian citizen or foreign citizen with permanent residence in Ecuador.

In this link you can watch a series of videos about this important changes and how they can affect you.

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