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Do I Need a Residency Visa before Entering Ecuador?

A New Life in Ecuador

Now that you have considered starting a new chapter of your life in Ecuador, here is what you need to know:

Do I Need a Residency Visa before Entering Ecuador?

You do not, it wouldn’t be fair if you had to get a residency visa before actually experiencing Ecuador. Human beings learn by experimenting. You must visit and live the experience in order to fall in love with the country.

Many countries do not need any type of visa in order to visit Ecuador for up to 90 days, however some do need a specific tourist visa. Click on the following link to know if your country is on the list of countries that need a tourist visa before entering Ecuadorian territory:

An official registry from March 2020 added more countries to the previous list: North Korea, Egypt, Philippines, Iran, South Korea, Vietnam and Yemen. If you see your country on the list, that tourist visa can be obtained at the nearest embassy or consulate in your country.

If you fell in love with Ecuador and would like to stay-you can apply for an tourist visa extension. This will give you time to complete your application for your Temporary Residency Visa, which is the next step in becoming an Ecuadorian resident.

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Furthermore, this article does not constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. We hope to provide foreigners with clear and concise information regarding the migratory process so that they may live in this paradise known as Ecuador.

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