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In the health emergency that the country and the world are experiencing with COVID-19, the United States supports with technical assistance the Ministry of Health of Ecuador through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), centers with the best global practices for public health.

This afternoon, on the FaceLive platform, the United States ambassador in Ecuador, Michael J. Fitzpatrick also reported that an important group from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) works directly with the Municipality of Guayaquil giving technical assistance on public health, crisis operations, psychosocial care and legal issues.

Fitzpatrick assured in the United States, with several agencies, coordinates daily with the ministries of Health, Defense and Foreign Affairs and Transportation. At regional and global levels, the United States coordinates with the Pan American Health Organization (OPS) and the government of that country has offered support of more than $ 275 million and, today, announced another contribution of more than $ 200 million, to the world. Although he mentioned test kits for COVID-19, he did not specify their number and destination.

This morning, the Vice Minister of Governance and Health Surveillance, Julio López pointed out that, yesterday, the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs held a meeting with the heads of the existing diplomatic delegations in Ecuador to coordinate support in this health emergency.

At the government level, days ago, China donated to Ecuador donated 70,000 surgical masks, 2,500 n95 masks, 5,180 protective suits and 140 portable infrared thermometers and, with Korea, Ecuador maintains cooperation for certain development projects, which are now will redirect to sample purchase for Covid - 19 testing.

This weekend, OPS made its third donation of personal protective equipment: 5,000 surgical gowns; 10,000 gloves; 5,000 surgical masks; 200 N95 masks; 200 protective glasses; 80 biosecurity covers and 160 corpse covers.

On April 2, Foreign Minister José Valencia pointed out that more than one hundred cooperation processes with other countries are being worked on, but he did not give details about them.

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