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The “Give a hand, without shaking hands” campaign, will come with help for vulnerable groups during the health emergency.

Quito-Pichincha. The Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion, Ivan Granda, disclose details about the “Give a hand, without shaking hands” campaign, which is being carried out by the National Government along with the private sector, whose goal is to carry food kits to people and families that are going through these difficult moments due to the health emergency that the country is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19.

The campaign will be carried out through donations from all the people and sectors which want to collaborate with this purpose. The virtual platform will be enabled, where citizens can purchase basic food kits for 5, 10 and 20 dollars, which- later on- will be delivered nationwide to the beneficiaries, through de National Police and Army.

Minister Granda said that the governmental campaign will set a before and after of this emergency, since they are working together. “As president Lenin Moreno say: articulated to serve”, he said.

Furthermore, he informed that the National Government, through the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES), will deliver a USD 60 contingency bond to 400.000 families, during April and May. This bond is aimed to the families that are underemployed and whose incomes are less than USD 400 monthly. He also said that, from this Monday, those who are benefited with this bond will receive a notification through text message, where all the details will be indicated. To avoid crowds, the payment will be made by the last number of the cedula in 3.500 enabled points of public and private bank, cooperatives, Mi Vecino, as well as Banco del Barrio Agencies.

Regarding to homeless people, Minister Granda indicated that from Friday, March 20th, a temporary shelter has been set up in the Ecuadorian House of Culture, in Quito, where 50 people are given attention. While in Guayaquil, 30 seniors are cared in coordination with the Refugio del Espiritu Santo Foundation (RESA), and in Cuenca with two shelters.

Similarly, he said that for the attention of shelters and humanitarian spaces open countrywide, they are coordinating with local governments, to meet the most urgent needs of guests, which includes people in human mobility situation.

Finally, he called for unity among Ecuadorians and he made emphasis about the importance of being together during this moment to face and overcome this health emergency.

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