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National sports and its scenarios added up to the fight against the pandemic of coronavirus. Stadiums, coliseums, and hospitality centers have been offered to the national authorities to welcome patients with the virus COVID-19 , in a fight that has packed the assistance facilities throughout the days.

Among the first scenarios that were analyzed was Abel Jimenez Parra Coliseum of Guayaquil, the most affected nationwide. In this scenario under the administration of Federación Deportiva del Guayas, 100 beds were settled, and they will work for the medical isolation of confirmed patients.

In Babahoyo, Rafael Vera Yépez Stadium was chosen within the session of Cómite de Operaciones de Emergencias (COE) in los Rios as a potential space to house COVID-19 positive patients.

To these scenarios, the coliseums of Quitus and Julio Cesar Hidalgo in Quito has been added, administered by the Concentración Deportiva de Pichincha.

Also, the Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol offered to the authorities, the Casa de Selección, the concentration place and housing for the different national teams and clubs that have accommodations in the best hotels.

“Soccer is not exempt of the sanitary emergency, this is why, the Federación Ecuadoriana has offered to the competent authorities, the facilities of Casa de la Selección, in order to contribute with such a delicate task.”, Francisco Egas said.

Government Authorities visited the sport facilities to evaluate the infrastructure and the adaptations that will be implemented to attend this emergency.

“We visited and evaluated together with the Ministry of Health staff, coliseums that could be implemented such as; observation areas for people with COVID-19 in Quito”, Agustín Albán detailed, Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.

Places of Rest As well as the contribution for patients with coronavirus, the healthcare workers have gotten answers from sport entities, especially for them to rest after their long hours shifts at the hospitals. Also, the Ciudad Deportiva Carlos Peréz Perasso in Guayaquil, and in Ambato, the residence of Macará will welcome healthcare professional.


They have been evaluated by authorities before the emergency. This can be extended to other soccer clubs, that might offer stadiums and complexes.

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