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The obligatory isolation measures that govern the country towards the sanitary emergency for the covid-19 epidemic, have caused sighting of wild animals in the capital. Informed by the Municipality of Quito on march 25th, 2020.

Thus, the city hall asked the citizens that circulate around with their vehicles to be cautious, it is important to remind you that vehicles restrictions by registration plate are in effect, and people can only leave their homes to buy products and medicines. Starting this march 25thof 2020, the curfew is from 14:00 until 5:00 the next day.

Even though there are less cars on the streets of Quito, the ones that do circulate must take precaution. “Covid-19 changed the world, and while the human activities are in quarantine, many animals that feel calmed now, have started to appear on the streets of Quito”, the message of the Municipality disseminated on twitter that ask citizens to let them get across to safer places.

According to the message disseminated on social media, people who find an animal on the street, must keep their distance.

The Metropolitan District of Quito is a home for many species of wild animals such as: the spectacled bear, the moorland wolf, the marsupial frog, and others. The wildfire nature patrimony consists of 100 species of mammals, 542 of birds, some of them in danger of extinction, 92 of amphibious, 53 of reptiles, and 21 of fish.

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