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The General Direction of Civil Aviation (DGAC) of Ecuador informed this Wednesday, that it will give technical and logistic facilities for the arrivals of humanitarian flights with vulnerable Ecuadorians abroad.

It indicated in a statement that these flights are for minors that are outside the country without their parents or legal guardians, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and senior citizens, that “have been identified as vulnerable by their specific individual situation.”

And it specifies that “due to the needs of people of vulnerable groups, in many cases, it is necessary that they are accompanied by support people or their close family circle.”

It explains, for example, if a pregnant woman must return to the country and is with her husband and children, her spouse should be with her, but because her children cannot be alone, “the whole group shall travel with this person.”

So can do it people with visual disability or senior citizens that require companion, as well as a minor with an adult that is not their parent, nor have their legal guardianship, but this must be authorized by his tutors. Once the vulnerable group is identified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the airlines that will flight, shall ask for the authorization to the General Direction of Civil Aviation, this will grant the permit of operation complying with the norms.

Likewise, the DGAC will give technical and logistic facilities in the airports of Ecuador to the health and support brigades of the vulnerable groups to apply the protocols to prevent the virus spreading to the country.

The entity has the mission to plan, regulate, control, and administer the aeronautic activities; granting safety in air operations.

Between 1700 and 4000 Ecuadorians according to different sources are abroad without the option to come back to national territory due to the close of borders by COVID-19.

The decision to suspend the arrival of all national and international commercial flights last march 17th of 2020, has left Ecuadorians who traveled for tourism, studies, work, or short visits dispersed in different countries, and they have asked the authorities through different channels to help them return.

The Ecuadorian Government approved a protocol to repatriate unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, disabled people and senior citizens. It was announced this Tuesday by the Foreign Affairs portfolio.

Ecuador is considering to facilitate the arrival of other Ecuadorians and foreign residents based on a priority order by the sanitary circumstances, depending on the logistics possibilities and State materials”. Added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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