Here are a few things to keep in mind while adapting to Quito and to Ecuador in general. I bring them up in no particular order.

- THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to always say Good Morning (buenos días), Good Afternoon (buenas tardes), or Good Evening (buenas noche) WHENEVER you encounter or are about to interact with someone in a store, a bank, a restaurant and so forth. To not say these phrase is considered impolite and it undoubtedly will affect the service you receive. After that if you Spanish is weak or good, the majority of staff will be forgiving and even likely to pull out their smartphones to use a translator

- If you are waiting in a line, say at the bank, it is not uncommon that if a person receives a call they will leave the line (phones are not allowed), and when done they will come back to the original spot they had eg they do not go to the end of the line

- If you are waiting for customer service at a business or government office, factor in that it may take time to get to you, or more normally, for your turn - number to be called. This is especially true if you are not at the business when it opens, but come in the afternoon.

- In any form of customer service, raising your voice will only increase the lack of customer service that you will receive; a firm, controlled voice, if absolutely necessary is okay.