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This is a comprehensive list of the current requirements in 2020 needed for those foreigners seeking to obtain a Residency Visa in Ecuador, whether you are looking to retire or invest in Ecuador here you can find the updated information if your wish is to live in Ecuador.

Currently in 2020 it is possible to obtain different types of Temporary Residency Visas, the types of visas in 2020 are:

.- Investors Visa .- Pensioner Visa

.- Rentista Visa .- Professional Visa .- Athletes Visa .- Scientist Visa .- Religious Visa .- Volunteer Visa .- Student Visa .- Dependant Visa

The visa process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of the applications, here are the General Requirements to be filed along with the visa application:

1.- Passport Copy. (Passport must be valid at least 6 months) 2.- Last Entry Stamp within the passport Copy. 3.- Apostille Background Check. 4.- Senescyt registration / Social Security Letter Apostilled / Real Estate or Certificate of Deposit in a Ecuadorian bank account, the minimum investment must be at least 100 Minimum Wages* or any other legal document related to the case. 5.- Proof of Income.

*The Minimum wage in Ecuador in 2020 is $400,00 USD

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