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In the US, there is a very large and regulated real estate market. It isn’t hard to understand the purchase process, find the exact value of a home or getting insurance for your deed.

Real estate agents will answer your call almost 24/7.

The market is there for you and somehow inform you the best way possible.

When you go overseas, that won’t entirely be the case. Cultural, informalism, and blogs will mislead you on how the real estate purchase must be conducted. In most cases, there is an inverse relationship between the accessibility of data and professionals with the quality of the investment.



In this video tutorial (HD), our purpose is to guide you and explain better the step by step process, we have an advice for all of our clients: "Don´t make any assumptions".

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Here is the s list of questions we recommend a buyer to ask from the sellers or Realtor selling the property.

Download it here

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