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Early termination of a contract with a service provider and reimbursement of funds

This post is a resource for all those who want to early terminate a contract with any service provider in Ecuador, whether it is phone service, health insurance, cable or other similar services.

The process is very simple and according to the Ley de Defensa al Consumidor (Consumers` protection act) allows you as a customer to early terminate a service contract at any time as long as you deliver a written letter to the service provider in person, letting them know your decision.

There is a legal prohibition to service providers in Ecuador to charge you any fines or penalties for the early termination of the contract, so you can refuse to pay any fine.

The letter must be delivered at least 15 days before of the end of the term of the service.

If you any further questions regarding the early termination of a contract, please email us at

To download a written in Spanish-template, download it here:

1st option

Early termination of the contract

2nd Option

Early termination of the contract and reimbursement if you paid in advance for the service.

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