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Entering Ecuador (2018)

Beginning February 6, 2018, migration control authorities will begin to require health insurance in order to enter Ecuador. Although there is no specific fine for not having health insurance, what is certain is that if the foreigner does not justify that they have health insurance, even having a temporary or permanent residence visa, they will be prohibited from entering Ecuador.

In the last few weeks, many doubts have been resolved on the topic of health insurance and extensions, which have been present since the Regulation of the Law of Human Mobility came into effect on August 10, 2017, and the Ministry of the Interior was given the responsibility of directing entry and exit policies. It was not until November 20, 2017 that Ministerial Agreement No. 551 was published, which established the specific guidelines to grant a 90-day visa extension, and to stay for this time in addition to the initial 90 days that a foreigner receives when they enter Ecuador. As such, new questions have arisen from our clients, which may apply to your case, and which we will share with you here:

1. - If I obtain a 90-day extension and I leave Ecuador, can I return?

Yes, the time of the extension permits the person multiple entries to Ecuador, as long as they do so within the time of the extension, taking into account that the extension expires on a specific day, and after that date the foreigner will not be able to enter Ecuador.

2. - What is the fine for not having health insurance?

While there is no specific fine, upon entry to the country it is the obligation of the foreigner, according to article 133 of the Regulation of the Organic Law of Human Mobility, to present their health insurance for the length of their stay in the country.

3. - What type of health insurance do I need to present?

Although there is not an exact description of the health insurance, the law says that the foreign tourist should have public or private health insurance that has coverage in Ecuador.

In the case of residents, the health insurance should include total coverage within Ecuadorian territory, and from experience in recent months, it should prove that the foreigner is covered in the case of accidents and in the case of any other medical necessity in Ecuador.

4. - How much does the extension cost in 2018?

The price of the extension is one third of the unified basic salary, which in 2018 is now $386.00, which means that in 2018 a 90-day extension, after an initial stay of 90 days in Ecuador, would be $128.67.

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