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The human rights activist Karla Morales created Kare in 2014, with the purpose of developing and support initiatives of humanitarian assistance.

After the earthquake that hit Ecuador on april 16th, 2016, the ONG achieved to gather thousands of volunteers to collaborate in the collection and health centers, donate clothing and food for the province of Manabí, the most affected by the natural disaster.

The name of Karla Morales is one of the names that cannot be separated from the Earthquake in 2016, it seems it will be important once again during the coronavirus crisis.

In less than a week, Morales achieved to coordinate amazing donations for those in need. Thanks to the help of private companies, she could deliver masks, gloves, food and water to different healthcare facilities, firemen, police waste pickers in the country.

Each day, Morales shares online reports of deliveries with quantities and places.

“We know that the peak of donations falls, and, at any moment, it will be harder to receive help if this battle extends. We have a contingency plan, our “plan b” so we can have food and inputs if the crisis gets worse. This is why we need to be very responsible with the management of the donations and distribution. Only as a team we can guarantee the help to those who need it the most. It is not a moment to judge, believe me, we are all looking for solutions”. Karla Morales wrote on twitter.

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