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Ecuador Gas Price Report (September 2019)

The price of ​​the gasoline​ (Super) in Ecuador​ for September ​increased in ​comparison to ​last month.

This ​information was provided by the Agency for Regulation and Control of Hydrocarbons (ARCH) on its website on September 1, 2019.

​Last month the price of the gallon was USD 2.35 ​at the distribution​ terminal, ​and increased by September ​1st, its price went up to 2.46 ​USD​. This increase applies to gasoline for cars.



​The above-mentioned cost ​has to be adjusted to the profit that each ​gas station sets based on its operating costs, supply and demand for the product. Over the weekend, on a tour of different gas stations, prices ​were ​ranging between USD 2.95 and 3.14 USD.

According to Executive Decree 619, which modifies fuel costs, Presidente Moreno ordered that Petroecuador must monthly update the value of the gasoline “super”, based on international market prices.

Meanwhile, prices for consumers of the gasoline “extra” and “ecopais” will remain at USD 1.85 a gallon. ​The price for carriers that move passengers and merchandise under a subsidized price will ​pay 1.48 per gallon.

E​cuador in comparison with other expat destinations countries as Colombia, Uruguay , Panama, Belize among others still remains as one of the cheapest for gas prices​.

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