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There is good news for foreign investors in Ecuador with residency visas or for those who are seeking to obtain a residency visa based on investment (Certificate of Deposit, Real Estate or Company Shares), since the Organic Law of Productive Development (Ley de Fomento Productivo) was published and after the regulation of this law, some positive changes for those who obtain an investor visa were introduced.

Currently, those who have a temporary residency visa must respect the limit of permanence outside the country which is the following:

According to the article 60 of the Human Mobility Law, updated version, foreigners with a temporary residency investor visa are not subject to the rules of permanence in Ecuadorian territory indicated in the table above.

Who can get an Investor visa?

Foreign persons who meet the general requirements requested for all temporary residency visas, and those who meet one of the following statements:

i. To deposit in an Ecuadorian Bank as an investment of certificate of deposit with a minimum term of seven hundred thirty (730) days, for an amount not less than one hundred (100) unified minimum wages of the worker in general;

ii. Buy a real estate property in Ecuadorian territory and that in the Deed of purchase and sale, the amount is not less than one hundred (100) unified minimum wages;

iii. Purchase of shares in an Ecuadorian company, for an amount not less than one hundred (100) unified minimum wages, shares that must be registered in the Superintendence of Companies, Stock and Insurance;

If you require any information specific to your case, it is best that you contact us at to legally analyze the most viable.

Important Note: This temporary residency investor visa will be granted for 2 years and may be renewable.

The EcuaAssist Team

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