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Airport Baggage control (2017) Customs Ecuador

New baggage controls are applied in Mariscal Sucre Airport along with a pilot program in Guayaquil Airport

When the passport is scanned, a signal appears. It can be green, yellow or red. Each color corresponds to a risk level and type of baggage check.

The National Customs Service of Ecuador (Senae) has submitted a new system to control baggage at customs. On June 19th, 2017, the director of the entity, Mauro Andino, carried out a demonstration of the system in Mariscal Sucre Airport, in Tababela.

The goal of the new system is to optimize the experience of passengers who arrive in Ecuador, as well as reduce the waiting time for baggage control at customs. Generally, the control can take at least 30 minutes, but with the new system the passengers who are exempt from baggage review can pass in just seconds.

The operation is easy. First, the passenger’s passport is scanned to determine the type of check that will be carried out based on his/her risk level. This risk level is determined when the system analyzes the passenger’s profile taking into account his/her past trips.

When the passport is scanned a signal appears. It could be green, yellow or red. Each color corresponds to a risk level and a type of check. If a green signal appears, a baggage control is not necessary and the passenger is authorized to depart.

A yellow signal requires a baggage control using x-rays. If an article liable to inspection is detected, an exam of the baggage is done.

When the red signal appears, a detailed baggage inspection is carried out. In the case that taxable goods are found, the person will be taken to the customs office and notified of the taxes to be paid.

The new system has been applied for three weeks in Mariscal Sucre de Tababela Airport, in Quito. Meanwhile, in Jose Joaquín de Olmedo Airport in Guayaquil, this system has been applied in the form of a pilot project. It is expected to be in operation throughout the country in the coming weeks.

The practice of putting the luggage in the x-ray scanner was used by officers several times. Just the passengers with yellow or red alert had to do it.

Andino said that the purpose of the implementation of this new baggage control system, is that travelers who arrive to the country with taxable goods comply with the regulations. To achieve this, the officer added that they will use all the available information about passengers. They will take into account origin country and number of suitcases, among other things.

In addition, it will avoid the unnecessary obligatory use of forms where the goods that entered the country were declared. The use of this document will be exclusively necessary for those who need to declare the entry of taxable goods.

Between January and May 2017, 437,642 people have entered Quito on international flights. According to Quiport, there are 2,900 passengers daily.


  • This mechanism of control is applied in the international arrival halls of the airports.

  • The form to record the taxable goods will not be delivered to all passengers.

  • On average, users will be able to leave the terminal area 80% faster.

  • The implementation of this system is in the testing stage in Guayaquil Airport.

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