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What are you allowed to bring to Ecuador, without paying taxes? (2017 resolution)

The Customs National Service of Ecuador SENAE submitted a new resolution about the general process for baggage handling of passengers and crew who enter and leave from Ecuador’s international airports.

Personal belongings are easily transported goods that are carried with the passenger or family group during travel. These goods, due to their amount and value, are not considered goods for trade.

In accordance with this resolution, several changes have emerged to account for current technological advances and needs of passengers.

The most important changes in the list of personal belongings are the following:

  • One new or used television up to 32 inches.

  • One new or used drone up to $500.

  • Implements for older adults or people with disabilities, for passengers or their family members, in low volume for personal use.

  • Vitamins.

  • 4 kg of dietary supplements.

  • 3 different sports equipment and/or their accessories.

  • 2 musical accessories which are not with their main musical instrument.

  • 2 accessories for game consoles.

  • One new or used desktop printer up to $300.

  • One new and one used digital media player and/or video player, or portable audio player for domestic use.

Likewise, passengers can also bring a good or a set of goods not specified in the list as personal belongings up to $500.

On the other hand, SENAE ordered that only passengers who carry taxable goods with them (those that exceed the quantity/value/measure on the list of personal belongings or those that are not included in that list) are required to complete the customs bond register form (FRA).

This document is handed over by the airlines to the passengers before their arrival to Ecuador.

SENAE wants to give more facilities to their customers with these new dispositions and invites citizens to use the official information channels. To review the complete list of personal belongings, visit the web site

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