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IESS REGISTRATION - Tutorial (2017) - includes video tutorial

The IESS´s resolution No. 516 (REGULATIONS OF REGISTRATION, COLLECTING AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT), signed on March 30th of 2016, and published in the Official Register Special Edition No 687 on August 17th of 2016, in the third paragraph of Article 97, says:

For retired foreigners, the basis of the contribution will be calculated from the amount stated on the certificate of pension benefits received in their country or from the statement made to IESS, which under no circumstance may be lower than the minimum wage established by the Ministry of labor.” (Download here the spanish version of the IESS resolution 516)

How much does IESS cost? A person who voluntarily registers for IESS must pay 17.6% of the monthly income they declared at the time of enrollment (this amount must be higher than the Ecuadorian minimum wage). For an additional 3.41% the spouse, by marriage or common law.

The registration system is quite simple, and we have made a tutorial that shows how to register under the Ecuadorian public health insurance system by following few simple steps.

Download here your IESS registration tutorial or wtach the video tutorial.

If you need any special o further information regarding this, please contact us at

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