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The Ecuador Vibe: AYAMPE – MANABÍ

Ayampe is a small tropical paradise where the jungle and the sea come together, perfect for nature lovers. Located in Manabí, it is the start of the “Ruta del Sol” o “Spondylus,” and is situated between two popular tourist destinations, Montañita and Puerto López. It’s a perfect destination for those who prefer to relax in nature rather than venture into the busyness of the big city.

The town itself is tiny, with most of the streets unpaved, and a population of around 400 people.

How to get there:

There are a few different transportation options to get to Ayampe. These include personal vehicles, taxis, or buses which are always running on the “Ruta del Sol” and make frequent stops. From Guayaquil to Ayampe the distance is 123.5 miles (199km) and takes about 3 and a half hours driving along La Costa/E40 – Ruta del Spondylus/E15. From Salinas to Ayampe the distance is around 58 miles (93km) and is around 2 hours along the Ruta del Spondylus/E15. Lastly, from Manta to Ayampe the distance is around 80 miles (130km) and takes a little over 2 hours to complete.

Where to stay:

These places are known for their high quality rooms and comfort. They are sure to make your stay magical for a visit, you might even want to move there! The top 5 recommended places to stay in Ayampe are:

  1. El Campito

  2. La Buena Vida

  3. Cabañas La Tortuga

  4. Ayampe Guest House

  5. Ganso & Búho

Where to eat:

The restaurants found in Ayampe are some of the most unique along the “Ruta del Sol.” Each of these places are sure to have something for your tastebuds. The top 5 recommended places to eat are:

  1. La Mulata

  2. Los Orishas

  3. De Jimny’s

  4. Fish House

  5. The Barn (With the best baked goods on the entire “Ruta del Sol!”

What to do:

Out of all the activities to do in Ayampe, surfing is the best choice due to the great waves these beaches offer almost every single day. This is also an ideal spot for beginning surfers because the waves aren’t too big or too small. Additionally, Ayampe offers horseback rides, excursions through the humid jungle called "La Montaña" and walking paths through the gardens located on the banks of the Ayampe River (which runs through the town).

If you are a bird watcher, Ayampe is the place for you. It is known for its great diversity of birds including Hummingbirds and marine species. Also, if you are lucky you can spot a special light show put on at night under the water by the fluorescent plankton. These plankton light up and create a spectacular view which is a great excuse for a late night swim!

Lastly, Ayampe is a well known spot along the “Ruta del Sol” for a relaxing spa day . Mauli Spa, located in the heart of Ayampe, is the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate for the day. Here you will find tourists and locals alike who come from all over to enjoy the benefits of this hidden gem.


In short, Ayampe is a small community full of happy and helpful people, bringing life to this little area of Ecuador. Always making one feel at home and providing amazing service for both locals and tourists is what has drawn many expats to make this place their home permanently.

Due to the small size, the people of Ayampe have built a tight knit community and take very good care of their home while enforcing their safety and security regulations. Although the people are very cordial, following the rules of the community are essential and strictly enforced. These rules and regulations have allowed Ayampe to be well taken care of for many years.

Native people of Ayampe have kept and enforced norms for many years which protect and preserve their ecosystems. Attempting to impose rules or break norms which protect the natural habitat and peace of Ayampe is strictly forbidden.

Adapting to a new way of life

According to the testimonies of expats who have made Ayampe their home there is no place they have felt more welcome from the first day they arrived. The incredible hospitality and beautiful views have captured many expats from the time they were just tourists.

If you ask anyone if it was a good decision to invest in a home or business in the city of Ayampe, they will surely say YES! And not just once, but a thousand times over. Holding the preservation of their community at the top of their list, the people of Ayampe are ready to welcome and support any businesses or programs that further the goals of the community.

The economic market in Ayampe is favorable for investing in businesses such as hotels or farms, which in recent years has gained value due to the pristine soil found in the humid forests. This has incentivized community members to work together to create a community garden which produces food and creates jobs for the local community.

Lastly, many expats choose Ayampe for its ease of access to basic necessities. Although it is a more rural coastal town, transportation is quick and frequent in and out of Ayampe. Banks, shopping, and general medical check ups can be accessed in the two nearest larger towns of Puerto Lopez and Montañita. Puerto Lopez and Montañita are both around 30 minutes away each in opposite directions from Ayampe via Ruta del Spondylus/E15.

It is for all these reasons and more that when expats are in search of a beautiful, relaxing, and safe place to live on the Ecuadorian coast, we recommend Ayampe.

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The EcuaAssist Team


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