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Latest Q&A visas to Ecuador 2023 Edition

The EcuaAssist Team

1. I´m in Ecuador and ready to apply for my temporary residency visa, what can I do if I don´t want to travel to the visa offices?

You can sign a Power of Attorney so our EcuaAssist representatives in Quito or Cuenca may apply on your behalf and receive your temporary residency visa. To complete the process, we just need your original passport.

2. What are the international travel restrictions with a temporary residency visa?

There are no restrictions regarding how many days you can leave the country while on a temporary residency visa. You should keep in mind that the days you spend out of the country may affect your eligibility for a permanent residency visa.

3. My temporary residency visa is about to expire, what are the requirements for the permanent residency visa?

If you have not left Ecuador for more than 90 days since the issuance of your temporary residency visa, you are eligible for a permanent residency visa for fulfilling a 21-month stay as a resident.

4. Can I get a visa and cedula at the same time?

No, the first step is to get a visa. After receiving a visa, you will need a Cedula Order to get a cedula.

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