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Changes to Extensions to Stay in Ecuador

The EcuaAssist Team

The Organic Law on Human Mobility in Ecuador defines tourists as those who arrive in Ecuador with the purpose of engaging in tourist activities. Those who enter the country on this visa are prohibited from engaging in any economic activities or local labor.

The maximum duration of stay as a tourist is 90 days within a one-year period starting from the first entry into the country, which can be extended for an additional 90 days upon request and payment of the corresponding fee. According to the Organic Law on Human Mobility and its regulations, the following is indicated: Article 1 - The Ministry of Interior, through the National Support Service Units for Migration, will grant an extension of the authorization to stay in Ecuador for up to ninety (90) additional days to foreign individuals who have entered Ecuador through any legally established immigration checkpoint, with a tourist status for 90 days, provided that they do not have any active fines in the Ecuadorian Migration System. The extension can only be requested once within the calendar year, and recently, the days on which you can request this extension have been changed. Between days 80-90, you can request an extension without paying a fine. The cost of the extension is equal to 1/3 of the current basic salary in Ecuador. However, those who have not requested the extension within the aforementioned timeframe and have therefore exceeded the 90-day tourist limit, have an additional 30 days to request the extension and must pay the fine imposed by the Immigration Control Office. The exceeded days will be deducted from the initially granted 90 days, meaning that the total count of 180 days will be consecutive. Article 7 of Ministerial Agreement No. 0057 establishes the following: "Foreign individuals who exceed the ninety (90) days of authorized stay as tourists may request, using the pre-established form by the Subsecretariat of Migration, an extension of the authorization to stay for a maximum term of 30 days, prior to paying the fine for having committed the immigration offense established for this purpose in the Organic Law on Human Mobility. The following documents must be attached: a. Proof of payment of the corresponding fee; b. Proof of payment of the fine; and c. Valid and current travel document."

Additionally, as stated in Article 9, "This extension of authorization to stay in Ecuador does not apply to foreign individuals of South American nationalities who enter Ecuador as tourists, as their stay is established for up to 180 days." Meanwhile, Article 3 of the same agreement clearly describes how the chronological year works, allowing you to regain tourist status in Ecuador after completing the initial 90 days or extension: Article 3 - The chronological year is considered to be the moment when the foreign individual enters the country as a tourist and ends when the calendar year is completed, which is 365 days from their entry registration at the Immigration Control Point.


- As a tourist, you have 90 days to stay upon entry into the country. - You can extend your stay for an additional 90 days between days 80-90 of your entry by paying 1/3 of Ecuador's basic salary. - If you exceed the time for extension, you have 30 days to pay for the tourist visa extension and will be required to pay a fine. - The extension cannot be requested by individuals from South American nationalities, as they already have a 180-day stay upon entering Ecuador without the need for an extension. - Once the 180 days are over or if you decide to leave the country before the end of your tourist visa period, you can re-enter the country and acquire tourist status again one year after your initial entry.

Source: MINISTERIAL AGREEMENT No. 0057 (July 2023)

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