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Bridging Cultures with Joy: Family-Friendly Adventures for Expats in the Heart of Ecuador

The EcuaAssist Team

Applying for an expatriate assignment is not just about preparing to embrace a new locale; it is an opportunity to begin creating unforgettable memories and reinforcing the ties that make family the center of our lives. Ecuador, where the equator is a salsa that swings between vibrant cultures, offers a kaleidoscope of family-friendly adventures, each an inspiring and joyful fusion of new connections and a unique, unforgettable international adventure.

Did you know that the Galápagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hold the key to understanding the evolution of all species as we know them? Exploring this archipelago with your family brings an incredibly educational, unforgettable family-friendly adventure. Snorkeling with sea lions or gazing at the world's largest tortoises, the Galápagos Islands are a chance for your entire family to learn all you never knew you never knew.

Ecuador's capital, Quito, is a living museum of history and culture. Take your family on a stroll through the old city, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers them a living, breathing picture postcard of colonial architecture, plaza, church and cloister that will transport the whole family to bygone days of yore. Then take a thrilling family ride in Quito's “teleferico,” or cable car, as you ascend Pichincha Volcano, an adventure that will etch a panoramic memory of this amazing city in the family's collective heart. Chocolate-Making in Cacao Country:

Of course Ecuador, “Land of Chocolate,” is renowned for its fine, rich cocoas, and what better way to experience the culture of your new country than with a family foray into cacao's birthplace, “Cacao Country,” where you can become chocolatiers for a day? With the country's finests cocoa beans literally at your fingertips in the rich fields of Cacao Country, your family can “get their hands dirty” as they participate in an enjoyable, hands-on chocolate making workshop taught by local chocolate experts. It's a delicious, fun-filled family adventure that will unleash your “inner Willy Wonka,” allowing you to savor the sweet fruits of your labors together afterward.

Mother Nature has her very own playground in Ecuador, a country that is so quirkily positioned that she could have been tempted to make it her mathematical sum zero. More importantly, and so insanely more exciting, Ecuador used this geographical wonder for far more impressive pursuits, and very soon there followed this triangular shaped utopia which the rest of the world simply knows as home.

So, instead of dawdling in the warm equatorial Pacific waters of this celestial paradise, Mother Nature made sure there was artistic license to roam amongst her imaginings in Ecuador. Now, let this same concept be more freely expressed upon the canvas of her imagination, more vividly felt within her utopian paradise, and watched as she equally cloaked man within her lavish wonder. Unveil these concepts at Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World), where Ecuador not so much straddles the equator, as impressively playfully balances an egg between two forces that our physics teachers mistakenly explained would never jostle the same yolk.

One minute your family will be balancing an egg upright on the line of the equator, the next they will be searching for the source of a kaleidoscope of colors and vibrancy on every street corner inside Otavalo Market. Let your family hunt down these colors, delve into indigenous craftsmanship and intertwine them amongst your very selves. Brave the bucket of water and watch as this cascade of H2O so ironically enquiries into a Soak Hi in the Southern Hemisphere. Inside Cuenca, take your front row seat beside indigenous artists who will dance along the capillaries of her colonial cobblestone streets, and allow your own heart to explore multiple art galleries and exhibitions along the way. Most importantly though, hug her close, feel her beating heart, listen to her nurtured beat, laugh, and in a land that has always called herself Mother, most importantly fall overwhelmingly in love!

Ultimately, living abroad as an expat family here serves as not just a relocation but a collective odyssey filled with cultural wonders and a shared spirit of experiencing the world around us. Embarking on any one of these adventures in Ecuador affords you the best of the country, from its vibrant indigenous communities to its awe-inspiring biodiversity, and allows you to create indelible memories fit for the storybooks. Not lost among all there is to discover is the beauty of a country that welcomes families with open arms as they share in the simple love of travel. For there is no greater gift you can give the chapters left yet to be written in your collective story than the world seen through their own eyes. Let Ecuador be that canvas for the memories waiting to be made.

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