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On July 9, 2021, the president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, signed an executive decree to reform the general regulation of the ‘Organic Law of Older Adults’ that was previously issued on June 26, 2020. The previous regulation did not include a technical definition of exemptions of cell phone services and landline internet.

The ‘Organic Law of Older Adults’ provides a 50% rebate on the price of personal, mobile internet access.

The plan must include at least the following:

  • 200 minutes to all landline and mobile operators in the country

  • Free consumption of calls within the operator itself (Claro to Claro, Movistar to Movistar)

  • 200 text messages

  • 5 GB of free internet browsing

  • 2 GB for use in collaborative platforms (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Free megabytes for instant messaging platforms.

In addition, the law establishes a 50% reduction of the total monthly consumption of a fixed residential internet plan.

Other benefits established in the ‘Organic Law of Older Adults’ include:

  • 50% exemption from air, land, sea and river transportation rates; tickets to public, cultural, sport, artistic, tourist and recreational packages.

  • Free access to museums.

  • An exemption of 50% for the price of consumption of:

An electric energy meter, whose monthly consumption is up to 138 KW / hour;

A drinking water meter whose monthly consumption is up to 34 cubic meters;

The basic rate of the residential landline phone owned by the beneficiary at his domicile.

Lastly, according to article 14 of the Law of Older Adults, "Any person who has reached 65 years of age and has an estimated monthly income equaling less than 5 unified basic salaries ($2000) or who has assets that do not exceed a total of 500 unified basic salaries ($20,000), will be exempt from paying both fiscal and municipal taxes.”

To access these benefits, older adults must present their identity or citizenship card (cedula).


Ley Orgánica de Adultos Mayores.

Reglamento Ley Orgánica de Adultos Mayores

Prepared by the EcuaAssist Team

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