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Banco Pichincha

Our Compromise with you and the country

Dear Client,

Being 114 years of institutional life has only been possible thanks to trust that millions of Ecuadorians have put on us. Today, we keep taking care of your savings and supporting your progress.

We are aware of the moment we are going through; it is fundamental that we focus on moving forward as a society that believes in values and principles, a society that is hard working and caring, and that contributes to the development and the peace.

What will we do?

We had decided to implement for your tranquility the following measures during this emergency period:

  1. In benefit of the wider sectors of the populations, we will proceed to differ 3 payments, and to extend the payment deadline for three months, for the microcredits and productive credits of small companies.

  2. Due to an express requirement, we are ready to differ up to 2 payments of your personal and mortgage credits, as well as to extend the payment deadline and credit of the credit card’s holders. Furthermore, we offer solutions of refinancing for the other debts, depending on the needs of each case.

In the next few days, we will inform you of the possible channels to sign up to this process.

  1. Starting today, we will delete the charge for payment of services through online and mobile banking.

  2. The general meeting, met last march 17th, resolved not to distribute to his shareholders any dividend of the earnings generated in 2019, this to strengthen the capital and reserves of the Bank.

Throughout our history, we have proved that service vocation is the one to mark the difference. Today, that premise makes more sense. We have a big responsibility with our depositors, collaborates, and the community in general.

Among all, we moved forward in the past, when there was a crisis, and when nature tested us. Once more, we must be together to overcome this delicate situation.

Translated by EcuaAssist

Here the original text:

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