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Underage children in Ecuador, whether they are Ecuadorian or residents will need a notarized authorization if traveling with just one parent, no parent or any other person. Whichever parent stays in the country is the one giving the authorization for the minor; if the minor is traveling with another person or alone, both parents will need to sign the document.

For this process, the services of a bilingual lawyer are needed if you do not feel comfortable enough with the Spanish language yet. The document needed for the notary must be written and signed by the aforementioned lawyer.

Amongst the information that has to be included in the document, these are mandatory: how long is the minor going to stay outside of the country, when is the minor leaving, where is he/she going to stay, with whom is the minor traveling, for how long, who is paying for the travel expenses and any other important details in relationship to the travel.

The notary issues two copies of the finalized document (which has a Notary issuance cost) from the notary in order for you to prove to Migración Ecuador that you indeed have the authorization for the minor to leave the country.

This process is mandatory and parents have to comply with it since is duly requested by the Ecuadorian laws

If you have any concerns or doubts, please contact us.

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