Purchasing Real Estate overseas is always a challenging experience, but with the right guidance, the process is straight forward. All countries have their own procedures and legal formalities, but also there are few things you must consider before making an offer.

We have over 15 years experience of experience in the Ecuador Real Estate legal advice, and we have prepared a questionary you should keep in your hands while you are exploring your real estate options in Ecuador

What to ask when you are looking for Real Estate in Ecuador:

1.- What comes with the property?

Make sure you have a written inventory, don t make any assumptions

2.- What are the zoning rules, in that area?

2.1. Homeowners association regulations.

2.2. Construction regulations in the area

3.- Is there Hot Water?

4.- What will be your access to the property?

4.1. Easement (Deed)

4.2. Access to parking, condo, house, etc.

5.- Is there a Homeowners Association legally created?

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6.- Garbage collection, who is responsible for that?

7.- What are the homeowners association fees.

Verify the financial of the HOA, verify if there is any due payments from any of the owners.

8.- Are you allowed to rent short-term?

9.- How far are the day to day services to the property?