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On Feb. 16th, 2018, Cesar Navas, Head of the Ministry of Interior, signed ministerial agreement 907, which will establish the procedure for collecting migratory fault fines and for the regularization of foreigners on Ecuadorian soil.

All foreigners that have an irregular migratory status will be able to approach the human mobility authorities to regularize their permanence in the country until March 16th, foreigners will be exempt from the payment of any migratory fault fines.

The agreement considers monetary sanctions that would range from the equivalent of one to 15 minimum wages for people that exceed the period of permanence in the country or who have incurred a fault, according to what is explained in the Human Mobility Act (natural or legal persons).

Additionally, ministerial agreement 907 includes exceptions for South American citizens that are currently in the residency process, victims of human trafficking or illicit traffic of migrants and citizens from Colombia and Peru.

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