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We have a hero....

Bahía de Caráquez

July 27th 2017

Emilio Mieles (aka Vientito) who works at the EcuaAssist office in Bahia de Caráquez, without hesitation jumped into the water to rescue a german tourist from drowning in Bahia near El Faro today (July 27th) at 5.30 pm, an area well known for its strong currents.

Using only a volleyball as a flotation device, Emilio swam to the man and pulled him out of the current to safety. Here are some pictures of him with the tourist after the incident, which almost had a fatal ending.

Emilio is originally from Bahía de Caráquez and is known to everyone there as “Vientito”, or little wind in English. There is some speculation about where this nickname name comes from; most people say it is because as a child he was so thin they thought even a little wind would blow him away

Now that he’s older, that name can be applied differently as he is the best at getting a variety of jobs done quickly, “like the wind”. Emilio is known as a star athlete of EcuaVolley and he was part of the team representing the province of Manabi.

He graduated from High school in Bahia and has since been working in a variety of jobs and is well known for his ability to be a good mediator, his honesty and his work ethic, qualities that have contributed to the spirit and operation of the Bahia EcuaAssist office.

Tenemos un Héroe en Bahía...

Emilio Mieles Cedeño, (mejor conocido como Vientito) quien trabaja en la oficina de EcuaAssist en Bahía de caráquez, sin dudarlo entro al agua a rescatar de ahogarse a un turista alemán en Bahía cerca de El Faro hoy (27 de Julio) a las 17h30, en una zona que es conocida por las fuertes corrientes.

Utilizando una pelota de volleyball como flotador, Emilio nadó hasta el hombre y lo sacó de las corrientes hasta dejarlo a salvo. Aquí alguna de las fotos de él con el turista después del incidente, que casi tuvo un final fatal.

We are proud of you Emilio...

The EcuaAssist Team

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