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Ecuador Rated #1 in 2014 Expat Survey

InterNations recently released the results of their 2014 Expat Survey and guess which country came out on top. You got it, Ecuador! The Expat Insider Survey is the biggest expat survey worldwide, surveying almost 14,000 expats in over 160 countries all over the globe. What makes Ecuador the best? We’ve outline the findings of the survey below.

The survey ranks the countries based on various standards such as, general quality of life, working abroad, family life, leisure, making friends abroad, international romance, expat relationships, and personal finances. Can you already start to see how Ecuador came out first?

  • Over 8 in 10 (82%) expats find it easy to settle down and feel at home in Ecuador.

  • Ranks first in ease of making friends.

  • Number one in personal finances.

  • Ranks first in personal happiness, 85% of expats in Ecuador are satisfied with their relationships and nearly half rank their general emotional state as “very happy” living in Ecuador.

  • 91% of expats living in Ecuador report being satisfied with their life here, and almost half plan to stay “possibly forever”.

One downfall for Ecuador is that 37% find that it is difficult to live in Ecuador without knowing Spanish, but luckily, almost that same amount (30%) also agree that learning the language is very easy!

Most of the expats in Ecuador moved report that they moved for a better quality of life and that they enjoy living abroad, and it seems that Ecuador has met these expectations.

To see the full survey findings, you can visit the InterNations website.

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