If You've Been Thinking About Getting Involved in the Community, This is Your Chance!


Allow us to introduce you all to an amazing organization: La Reserva Biológica Cerro Seco, located in Bahía de Caráquez. Founded in 1996 by Marcelo Daniel Luque Intriago, the organization’s original purpose was to research and publish the native flora and fauna of the tropical bosque seco (dry forests) of Ecuador, since then the primary objective has changed to that of conservation and protection of this Ecuadorian tropical dry forest which is one of the last 2% of this unique ecosystem that exists in the world. A private reserve that uses only their own and natural resources to run their organization, it really is amazing what they have accomplished so far and the work that they continue to do.

Here is a list of just some of the projects that they are involved in:

  • Tree Nursery: Filled with plants and trees native to the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, so that they can collect and classify the seeds.

Ceibo Tree.JPG

  • Educational trail: through the dry forest, where people can learn about the unique environment, while experiencing the natural wonder at the same time.

Educational Trail.JPG

  • Research: Anyone can volunteer to help with flora and fauna inventory, through pictures, videos, and classification.


  • Eco-tourism: Many different types of tours are offered throughout the year including, the Cerro Seco Biological Reserve, bird watching tours, whale watching (June - September), monkey observation, bike tours, and kayak tours, just to name a few.

monkey tours.jpg

Bird Watching.JPG
  • National Cooperation of Forest and Private Reserves in Ecuador: a cooperation of which they are a founding member

  • Environmental Education: workshops provided for the children of Bellavista (their local community), and the schools, high schools, and colleges of the Sucre County. These workshops work to change the habits, customs, and raise awareness of conservation of the environment.