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What is the best city in Ecuador for you?

Ecuador is a country rich in diversity. Each of its regions provides a different culture with different customs and lifestyles. One of the most beautiful parts of this diversity is that there is a place for everyone in this country, no matter what kind of life you like to live. What is the best place in Ecuador for you? Read these descriptions and decide for yourself!

Bahía de Caráquez

Bahía is a quaint town located on bay where the Rio Chone meets the Ocean. If you want a quiet, relaxing lifestyle, Bahía is perfect. During the national holidays Bahía fills with tourists, but for most of the year it’s calm, the people are relaxed and if you want to live your life free of stress, the tranquil lifestyle of Bahía will put any person at ease. With it’s brand new shopping mall that includes a supermarket, clothing store, and hardware store, absolutely everything is available in town, which makes living very easy.


If you want the beach lifestyle of Bahía but a little more liveliness and activities, Canoa is the place for you. A bustling little town filled with surfers, swimmers, yogis, kiteboarders, and constant backpackers passing through, Canoa provides the relaxed beach existence but with a little extra stimulation. Canoa’s beautiful beach is always busy on the weekends, and if you’re looking for a beach away from the crowds you can consider a long walk, or short drive to Briceño, a much quieter, isolated beach right next door.


If you’re looking to live in a bigger city with mountain views, Cuenca is a beautiful, clean city in southern Ecuador with temperatures a little cooler than the coast but still comfortable. Known for it’s museums and coffee, this historic city is full of culture. It’s museums, churches and restaruants provide constant entertainment and Cuenca is also less than a 30 minute drive from the nation park, El Cajas, providing beautiful views of lagunas and a connection to nature.


Manta has the beach feel but also the added benefit of being a main port and therefore offering the amenities and conveniences that only a city can offer. Full of beautiful, expansive beaches for relaxing or surfing, and also various places to shop, eat, and explore, in Manta you get the best of both worlds.

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If you want accessibility, easy public transportation, good food, diversity and culture all in one place, then Quito would be a good city for you – as long as you are all right at high altitude! Quito has numerous parks, museums, shopping malls, and as the national capital of Ecuador, many historic landmarks as well. If you are interested in history or just want a modern city to live in, Quito is your match.

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