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What made me enjoy Ecuador?

I loved being able to spend time with friends on the beach, with a drink in my hand in the sun. The pace is so relaxed, even the driving, as crazy as it is, opened my eyes to how much a slower pace of life can do for your mental health.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to quite a bit of culture while I was there. The mausoleum and museum in Monte Cristi is incredible, as is the Gold Church in Quito and the museum in Bahia. I loved the shops on La Ronda in Quito, and the President’s house is spectacular. But I have to say my favorite part of my trip in Ecuador was the quality time spent with loved ones in Canoa.

If you’re in Bahia for a visit, I highly recommend heading to Canoa and spending a day on the beach. It’s a 20 minute drive, and the surfing is great, the water is warm, the food is incredible, and the luscious green & rolling hills are a stunning sight. If you make the trip, definitely check out the Surf Shack for a bite to eat, a delicious drink, or a surf lesson from one of their talented and friendly instructors.

At the same time, if you’re visiting Canoa, be sure to take a trip to Bahia for some ceviche on the beach, a trip to the museum, or dancing at Lulu’s on a Saturday night. The bar’s owner is a gem, and a fabulous dancer if you can get him on the floor!

I’ve been back in Canada for 3 weeks in the rain and snow, and another trip to warm, sunny, beautiful Ecuador sounds perfect right about now. I’m looking forward to my next trip, and for more cervezas on the beach :)

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