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In recent months, Ecuador has undergone important migratory and human mobility reforms. A new reform to the Organic Law of Human Mobility was issued on February 5, 2021, followed by the issuance of its respective regulations on February 18, 2022.

With this series of reforms, and the hope of a post-pandemic reality, the idea of ​​implementing a so-called nomad visa was proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The so-called nomadic visa arises from the need to promote tourism, capital, consumption, and economic reactivation in the country after the pandemic.

It seeks to encourage foreign workers who are in the teleworking industry and who want to enjoy up to two years abroad, to come to Ecuador. Around two million tourists are projected in the next 3 years.

Currently 18 countries in the world offer this type of visa, Ecuador being the first to offer it in South America.

For access to this type of visa, the Ministry of Tourism released a list of countries that can apply for the visa. This list includes 183 countries, including the United States and Canada, which are the main countries of origin of the largest number of foreign residents in the country.

The aforementioned list can be found at the end of this article.

To access the nomadic visa, a series of requirements have been established. A minimum salary equivalent to $1,275 per month, or savings in your bank account of at least $30,600, as well as a contract with a foreign company on a telecommuting basis are required.


  • Statement of account where it can be verified that during the last 3 months before the application the person received an income of more than $1,275 or has savings equal to the amount of $30,600.

  • Proof that shows that the person provides services for a client that is outside of Ecuador, although it can also be applied if it justifies that he is the owner of a company created abroad.

  • The nationality of the applicant appears on the list provided by the Ministry of Tourism.

  • Health Insurance

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