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Changes to Custom’s Air Regulations and Imports in Ecuador

The EcuaAssist Team

The National Customs Service (SENAE) has amended the resolution that establishes which items are exempt from taxes when entering Ecuador by air. This new regulation was issued on September 15, 2023, reforming resolution SENAE-SENAE-2017-0345-RE, which dates back to 2017.

In the new document, SENAE states that individuals attempting to bring in goods beyond what is allowed as personal items without declaring taxes will have to pay a fine equivalent to half of the Ecuadorian monthly minimum wage. This amounts to $250 USD as of 2023. Passengers will only be exempt from the fine when the items are valued at less than $1,000 USD.

Previously, when a person attempted to enter Ecuador with taxable goods they were required to pay those values in order to take their merchandise. Additionally, when the value of the merchandise exceeded $2,000 USD, customs could initiate legal actions. This remains unchanged.

What products can you bring to Ecuador?

If you plan to enter Ecuador by plane, these are the changes brought by the new resolution for the entry of non-taxable products, meaning products that are not subject to import taxes: sealed or vacuum-packed food.

Previously, the resolution specified that it had to be processed food, but now it can be any type of food. Customs increased the maximum limit of food supplements that can be brought into the country to 8kg.

The previous limit was 4kg. The maximum allowed amount of alcoholic beverages that travelers can bring has increased from three to five liters. As for products like perfumes in new containers, the maximum allowed per traveler has increased from 300 milliliters (ml) to 500ml. However, the maximum limit for family groups has increased from 600 to 1,000ml.

In the same category, the maximum authorized limit for creams, body lotions, splashes, and similar products in new containers has increased from 1,250ml to 2,500ml.

What about technology?

The previous resolution already specified what electronic and technology products a passenger could bring. This included one new and one used:

-Cell phone


-Video recorder or camcorder

-Digital multimedia receiver and/or portable image/video or sound player, for domestic use

- Satellite phone

- Electronic agenda or personal computer in tablet form (tablet)

-Portable global positioning system (GPS) device for personal use

-Laptop computer and/or its peripherals (mouse, headphones, and similar)

-Video game console and a maximum of 2 accessories, whether portable or not

-Electronic calculator.

The new resolution adds:

-Smartwatches and wireless headphones

-Larger televisions

Customs allows only one unit of other types of technology items to be brought in, such as televisions, printers, or desktop computers. With the new resolution, the dimensions of some of these devices that can be brought into the country have been updated. Before you could only bring a television up to 32 inches, now it can be up to 60 inches. Previously, computer monitors could only be up to 24 inches and now can be up to 32 inches.

In addition, travelers can bring a drone as a personal use item without paying taxes when the price of the drone is up to $1,000 USD. Before the reform, drones could not cost more than $500 USD.

Source: Primicias EC

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