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Deposit Insurance - Ecuador (32K)

In Ecuador all bank and financial institutions are covered by the national deposit insurance, as a contingency in case of a foreclosure or forced financial operations closure of the institution. This means that all of your deposits in savings, checking and/or investments accounts, including Certificates of Deposit, are government insured for up to the amount of up to $32.000,00 USD, per person, in each financial institution. These include:

ø Sector Financiero Público (Financial Public entities)

ø Sector Financiero Privado (Financial Private entities)

ø Sector Financiero Popular (Financial Co-op entities)

This above mentioned means you will be cover up to 32k on each Sector Financiero.

Below, we have included what the law states in Spanish, regarding this matter, via the Monetary and Financing Organic Code of Ecuador.

Government Official Link:

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