The Foods You Must Try in Ecuador

Ecuador, unique in many ways, has many unique foods that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This is the list that we came up with of the top Ecuadorian foods that you have to try while you’re here. How many have you tried?

Cuy (guinea pig)


Yup, that’s right, that cute little pet you played with as a child, in Ecuador that would have been your birthday dinner. An Ecuadorian delicacy served at almost every celebration in the sierra, cuy is among the most famous dishes you can find in Ecuador. Some foreigners love it and some hate it, but you haven’t really experienced Ecuador until you’ve tried it.



If you’re on the beach, ceviche may be the easiest dish to come by. Fresh fish, shrimp, clam, oyster (or a mix of all of them!), cooked in citrus juices, with plantain chips on the side. Delicious and always fresh, this dish is refreshing and perfect when you’re relaxing on the beach, or anywhere near the water.



These delicious fried cakes can be made with potato or yuca. They are stuffed with cheese and if that isn’t enough for you, they are usually served with a peanut sauce and are often accompanied by avocado, sausage, a fried egg, and a tomato and lettuce salad.



Fritada is a delicious dish usually eaten for dinner. It mainly consists of pork, but this pork is layered on top of fried plantains and topped with llapingacho, corn, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. You can think of it as Ecuadorian nachos.



Known as the “Ecuadorian hangover food”, this fish soup may not be the best thing to start your hangover off on if you’re not used to it, but trust me, you can become accustomed. Brewed with yuca, onions, tomato and topped with popcorn and chifles (plantain chips), this dish is definitely worth a try, as many Ecuadorians consider it the national dish.