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You’ll Kick Yourself if You Don`t read this - ECUADOR RESIDENCY VISA TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS - 2021

TEMPORARY RESIDENCE: The new changes in the human mobility law effective February 5, 2021 allows all temporary residents to travel as often as they need. They can also renew their temporary residence visas several times which means that there is greater freedom of mobility for those people that previously were restricted by the condition of not being able to leave for more than 90 days each year with a temporary residence. The most direct change due to this law is that the fines for staying out of the country for more than 90 days were eliminated.

PERMANENT RESIDENCE: Foreigners with a permanent residence visa can only remain outside the country for up to 180 days each year, for the first two years from the date of issue of the permanent residence visa. In a case of non-compliance to this law, a fine of up to 50% of the basic unified salary must be paid. Following the second year, permanent residence holders may remain outside the country for up to two years. If the holder does not return to the country within the two year time frame, the visa will be cancelled.

Article 65.- Continuity of Residence. – The temporary residence visa permites entering and leaving the country multiple times during the validity of the visa and does not limit the duration of time spent outside of the country, with the exception of persons recognized under the category of refugees in the law.

A permanent residence holder may enter and leave the country as they wish, but may not stay abroad for more than 180 days each year, in the first two years of obtaining the visa. In the case of non-compliance, immigration control will impose the sanction provided for immigration offenses in regards to this law and its regulations.

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