Those who have reached 65 years of age are now eligible for a tax refund on purchases of essential goods and services acquired for personal use and consumption. Invoices authorized by the SRI (Internal Revenue Service) are required to obtain the refund and the refund does not apply to goods and services acquired for commercial use.

Applicable essential goods and services:

  • Clothing

  • Housing

  • Medical/health necessities

  • Education/ education necessities

  • Food

  • Communication

  • Culture

  • Sports

  • Transport/mobility

Maximum monthly refund:

As of January 2020, the maximum monthly tax refund amount corresponds to $96 (USD), while for previous years the refund amount was as follows:

2019: $94.56

2018: $92.64


· From January to May $105

· From June to December $90


· From January to April $219.60

· May $87.84

· From June to December $102.48

The refund request can be made both in person and virtually.

Basic requirements for requesting the refund in person:

  • Identity card (Cedula)

  • List of sales receipts

  • Tax request form for older adults

Special requirements:

In the event that the request is submitted by a senior citizen (65+):

  1. Fill out the authorization on the back of the application or complete the authorization online

  2. Present the identity card (Cedula) of the beneficiary

  3. Present the identity card (Cedula) and voting certificate of the person who submits the application

In the event that the request is signed by a third party:

A copy of the general or special power of attorney that empowers the third person to act on behalf of the beneficiary is required.

In the event that the application is submitted by a person of foreign nationality (and is not a naturalized citizen of Ecuador):

If you would like to request a tax return from a period prior to the issuance of your identity card (Cedula), present a copy of the document that proves the date of your registration with the Registry of Foreigners of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Procedure to request the tax refund in person:

1. Fill out the return request form and provide a list of valid sales receipts.