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No Seasons As We Understand : One striking characteristic of Ecuador's climate is the lack of seasons in the traditional sense. While the northern hemispheres has a distinct break between spring, summer, autumn and winter, Ecuador enjoys relatively constant temperatures all year round. That means no more snow to shovel in winter and sizzling summers to endure. The absence in extreme temperature fluctuations is especially welcome to many expats, notably those from the United States: air conditioning and heating bills there can burn as big a hole in your any Other expense budget.

Ecuador's climate varies with altitude, being warmer at sea level and cooler higher up in the mountains. This unique geography lets expatriates choose a site that suits their preferred climate: whether it is the warm beaches of the Pacific Ocean, or the cooler and more temperate weather of an Andean mountain town.

The Equatorial Difference Ecuador that is situated on the equator has a major advantage in its climate. The country enjoys much the same amount of sunlight throughout the year, with day and night being almost evenly divided. This steadiness in daylight hours makes for a stable climate, allowing people to plan their outdoor activities free from sudden changes in weather.

While weather may vary somewhat, it is generally mild and pleasant year-round. Some parts of the country will have rain for about half the year or more than other times. On the one hand we have coastal areas, where warm temperatures persist throughout every season, specially for those fond of the sea and water sports. On the other hand However, the highland areas enjoy lower temperatures and a more temperate climate than does the coasting plains--just right for people who enjoy being as comfortable in nature as possible.

The Appeal of Mild Weather

In Ecuador, the mild weather directly affects quality of life. Expats will find it possible to engage in outdoor activities all year round: from trekking and cycling in the mountains to fishing or surfing along its beaches. The absence of extreme climates a result, less disruption to daily lives - and this makes it easier for expats to have weekends that are free from interruptions, follow regular routines and produce their own comfortable living space.

Lower utility bills are also an advantage of living in Ecuador. Because there's no need for heating or air conditioning systems, residents can save on energy costs as well as avoiding noise pollution which would affect others. It's yet another way that the low cost of living in Ecuador makes it an attractive option for people seeking a comfortable lifestyle on limited funds.... WITHDRAW

The Rainy Seasons

Though normally the climate in Ecuador stays fairly steady throughout the year, there are rainy seasons at different times of year depending on what part you're in. Thus from January to April is generally rainy on Ecuador's coast, with brief but intense downpours. These make the landscape lush and keep the ecosystems humming with life, providing cool relief from a soon-to-follow dry season.

In the highlands, there are more or less evenly spread-out periods of heavy rain from October to May. The showers generally produce lighter raindrops because they are spaced out further apart and broken up by periods of sunshine. Even during these months when it is wet for several days in succession, outdoor activities like golfing or picnicking can still be arranged.

If you don’t mind getting wet sometimes, weather in Ecuador is actually pretty good. It gets plenty of sunshine all year round and stays mild

Balance So somewhere in-between and with the sun filtering through, land of both andes grassland becomes a paradise for nature lovers.

How to Choose a Climate Right for You in Ecuador The geographical diversity of Ecuador gives expats the option of selecting an area that fits with their ideal climate. If you thrive on warm weather and beachlife, the coastal lands offer year-round sunshine (with easy access to sea). Popular coastal cities like Salinas and Manta draw expats with their lively communities and stunning beaches.

People who want a more temperate climate can find Rabson Wilkes In the Andean high country. Cities likes Quito and Cuenca are nice and mild, with cool nights that are simply fine for sleeping. These cities also brim with expatriate vitality from all over the world's cultures, which only adds to their charm.

A Strategy for Settling in Ecuador Ecuador's unique climate with little year round temperature variation and no extremes of weather is a tremendous draw for expats wanting to trade less hot or more varied climates. As the country lies on the equator, its climate is quite fixed, and its geography presents residents with a choice about where they would like to live. Whether you are attracted to the long warm beaches splashing out on wave after islets swallow or the cool highlands, Ecuador has a climate which suits all possibilities of life.

Mild weather, decreased electrical costs, and the capacity to be outside all year long help to make Ecuador an appealing destination for several expatriates. As more people uncover the simple joys of living in a country with such a temperate climate, Ecuador’s status as a destination for relocation will only increase.

If you have any questions about living in wonderful Ecuador, make an appointment FREE OF CHARGE.

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