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Ecuador Strike Report

October 4th, 2019

Dear clients,

In view of the most recent events, as a reaction of the new measures taken by the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, it is our duty to keep you informed about the current situation, as follows:

  • The country is going through a National Transportation Strike, the people is on the streets fighting against the government.

  • There is a lot of vandalism occurring all around the country. We recommend you stay at home, and if you are going out please be careful.

  • The president has declared the country on State of Exception for 60 days starting yesterday (10/03/2019); which, according to the Ecuadorian Constitution, establish:

“Article 165. During the State of Exception, the President of the Republic may suspend or limit the exercise of the right to the inviolability of domicile, inviolability of correspondence, freedom of movement, freedom to associate and assemble, and freedom of information, under the terms set forth by the Constitution.

Once the State of Exception has been declared, the President of the Republic can: 1. Decree the advanced collection of taxes.

2. Use public funds allocated for other purposes, except those for health and education.

3. Transfer the seat of government to any place of the country’s territory.

4. Order prior censorship of information in the media strictly with respect to the reasons for the State of Exception and the security of the State.

5. Establish all or part of the country’s territory as a security zone.

6. Order the use of the Armed Forces and the National Police Force and call to active duty the entire reserve forces or part of them, as well as staff from other institutions.

7. Order the closing or enabling of seaports, airports, and border passes.

8. Order the mobilization and requisitions that might be needed and decree national demobilization when normal conditions are restored.”

This is a brief of what has been happening during the past 48 hours in Ecuador. We are going to keep you duly updated about the current situation that our country is going through. We beg you to stay calm and be safe until everything clears up again.

For more information, follow the official Twitter account:

- Ministry of Transportation and Public Works @ObrasPublicasEC

- Communication Registry @ComunicacionEC

- President Lenin Moreno @Lenin

- Ministry of Public Health @Salud_Ec


The EcuaAssist Team

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