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Many residents and non-residents have a plan of become Ecuadorian citizens in the long run. This is something reachable but there are a lot of things to have in mind before taking the big step. In some cases, being a permanent resident is a must before citizenship, and in some other cases, the citizenship takes two days. In this article we will focus on residents planning to become citizen. 

We are sure you wonder what you need to become a citizen. These are the general requirements:

  • Have resided in Ecuador for 2 years at least as a permanent resident.

  • Being 18 or over

  • Apostilled Birth Certificate

  • General knowledge of the culture, history, geography and current situation of Ecuador.

  • Write and Read in Spanish (An interview in Spanish will be made later in the process)

  • Person must have proof of means of livelihood (Monthly Income of at least one Ecuadorian basic salary) This income must be received at an Ecuadorian bank account.

  • Cannot have any debt with any of the public institutions here (SRI, IESS, etc)

The most important thing to have in mind is that, you will not only submit documents at the beginning of the process, but somewhere in the middle, towards the end, and so on. Why? Well, the citizenship process can take years, and the Ministry might want you to update certain documents in order to continue with the process. Many things can happen along the way.


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