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girl power

EcuaAssist is proud to announce its new community project



GIRL POWER, is an initiative that seeks to promote the intellectual, emotional, and human development of girls in ecuador through education, sports, and art projects, to empower them as future leaders, realizing their true capabilities to create change, both in Ecuadorian and Latin American society.


The objective is to collaborate with volunteers, community leaders and organizations, and to support and advocate for the impactful projects they are already implementing on the ground, focusing on the promotion and strengthening of girls' capabilities as leaders.

To get involved in this email us at

EcuaAssist está orgulloso de anunciar su nuevo proyecto comunitario.


GIRL POWER, Esta es una iniciativa para promover en las niñas ecuatorianas desarrollo intelectual, emocional y humano por medio educación, deportes y arte como líderes del futuro y empoderamiento sobres sus verdaderas capacidades frente a la sociedad ecuatoriana y latinoamericana. 

Básicamente el objetivo es buscar hacer partícipes a voluntarios, líderes comunitarios y organizaciones, para apoyar y promover esta iniciativa por el impacto de estos en proyectos que actualmente se encuentran funcionando en la comunidad, enfocados en la promoción y el fortalecimiento de las capacidades de niñas como líderes del futuro.


Para involucrarse con este proyecto envíenos un correo electrónico a



Ecuador Earthquake, the day the life for so many changed...


On April, 16th, 2016. In the zones of Canoa, Briceño and San Vicente, the people who lived there passed of having very little to having nearly nothing, after a destructive 7.8 massive earthquake hit Ecuador.

EcuaAssist actively worked from their three offices in Ecuador, two of which who were in the most seriously affected areas of northern Manabí. Our offices are in Bahía de Caráquez, Manta, and Quito. The team is made up of Ecuadorians as well as expats from other countries. We are a dedicated, closely knit group who have chosen to make Ecuador our home.

Because two of EcuaAssist's offices are in the region that has been hardest hit by the earthquake, we were extremely passionate about providing aid to the communities in which we work. We have EcuaAssist staff on the ground assisting in the management and distribution of supplies as they arrive, and our clients on the ground updated us daily. The parties were raising funds for are our friends, family, coworkers, and community members. We were deeply concerned about their wellbeing and have been involved in the development of these communities for years.

We had teams of volunteers in Quito who were responsible for managing different areas of earthquake relief - volunteer coordinators were in charge of food and water distribution, medical aid, building shelters, recruiting volunteers. and other areas. The stages of relief were:

1. Buying supplies and food to relieve suffering and despair among victims in the affected areas. These supplies are purchased in Quito and delivered by truck directly to communities in the affected areas. 
2. Build decent shelters where people can sleep peacefully and be protected from the outside environment. Work to build an atmosphere of safety and security within communities.
3. Promote the local economy by forming partnerships with private companies, thus generating new incomes for families in the affected areas.
Throughout every step of the process we will be working carefully and closely with our staff and contacts on the ground to effectively manage the relief efforts so that aid is reaching those who need it most. We will evaluate every step to ensure we are providing aid in an effective and responsible manner.

We sent a 30-ton shipment of food, water, mattresses, clothing, mosquito nets, and other supplies to the Canoa, San Vicente & Bahia areas. The shipment was accompanied by EcuaAssist's director, Marcos Chiluisa, and a team of volunteers. Marcos personally coordinated with local officials and volunteers to deliver the supplies in the communities where they were needed most. He worked to conduct a needs assessment to better understand the priorities moving forward, and is now in Quito mobilizing groups of volunteers to manage the relief efforts. All supplies will be collected or purchased in Quito and transported directly to the affected areas to be distributed to those most in need. The shelters will be constructed in-site using materials purchased locally and hiring local workers to manage and carry out the construction. All relief efforts carried out with an emphasis on sourcing labor, supplies, and materials from within the affected communities in an effort to contribute to the local economy in these areas. 

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Marcos Chiluisa
EcuaAssist Founder









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