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Place of birth for your cédula

When a person with a Ecuadorian residency visa goes to obtain his/her cédula (Ecuadorian ID card) for the first time, needs to say in which city & country he/she was born. ​

It is possible that the city you were born is not registered on the system so, you have three options to get your cédula.

1-. The registro people put only your country of birth. (This option is not always possible)

2-. Take your birth certificate with you (translated, if it is written in a language different than Spanish), pay 15$ (Price to check!), tell the person in charge of the system which city you want to add to it, wait for 3 hours so it gets logged in the system and come back to get yourcédula.

3-. Pay 10$ for an affidavit, pick a city that's already on the system and that is the one closer to the one you were born.

After you take any of the options, you will get your picture, fingerprints and data taken, wait for 2 hours (The waiting time does not need to be inside the Registro premises) and go pick up your cédula at the respective Both.

At EcuaAsstist, we have all been expats in some point of our lives and we perfectly understand the thousands of questions that you may have. The best way to contact us is through email at

The EcuaAssist Team

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