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At EcuaAssist, we are proud to say we have access to the most extensive legal database in the country, updated every day, and even more importantly, we have experience working with these laws on a daily basis and are kept abreast of the trends of not only what is on the books, but what is happening in practice, in government offices, notaries, etc.  Our philosophy is “If we don’t know, we know who does know.”  If there is anything we can’t help you with directly we aren’t afraid to admit it, but we are confident that we will be able to set you on the right path in the direction of someone who has exactly the information you need.


The legal counseling that EcuaAssist provides is applicable in a number of areas including immigration, starting and maintaining companies, contractual law, real estate law, and investment advising.  We deliver all contracts to our clients in English and Spanish and our bilingual staff is always here to make sure that we are able to answer any questions or concerns efficiently and transparently and provide our clients with the best possible service, personalized to be of maximum relevance to your individual situation.


As the study of law is a social science, it is somewhat unpredictable, and every day we are presented with new challenges that we must face; but we are in this business because we love facing challenges and overcoming them in exciting, new, innovative ways.

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1.- Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador

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2.- Code of Production

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3.- Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies

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